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5 Internet Marketing Tips

1. Don’t try to trick the search engines

This mistake is so common that it is impossible to fix. Although I admit sometimes it will work it usually does not; for two reasons: First, search engines don’t like to be tricked, and while a shady web site marketing technique may work for a while eventually Google/Yahoo/etc. will find out and your site could be banned from the search engine forever. Second, and even more important, many web designer get so involved in getting high rankings in search engines they forget about their customer. They end up with a website that comes up #1 in their keywords, but people click on it and leave after 2 seconds. Why is this? Because all the effort has been put into marketing and none into quality content/information and layout. You can have all the traffic you want but if they do not take an action on your website it is all in vain.

2. Develop Quality Web Content

Quality Content is far too often under-valued. The effects of quality content go beyond search engines into the realm of real internet marketing strategies. This is also a very difficult internet marketing strategy to master. You really need to delve into the minds of your customers or clients and discover what they are REALLY looking for. Usually what a company owner or web designer thinks a customer wants is far from the truth. A simple example would be a car dealership; the car dealership puts out pictures of available cars and features, however the customers are really looking for a price on cars and financing options. If you find the right information to publish online you will be light years ahead of your competition.

3. Be Professional

A customer’s first impression is often the company’s website. You need to make a landing impression the first time they visit, be professional. I am sure there are some of you out there who have went to a website and thought it was fabulous just to find out the company was a little hole in the wall in a slum area of town, or the opposite can be true as well (a poor-looking website for a outstanding corporation). Remember to match your website with your organization as well. Customers will already have an idea of what your company should be like from your website, and if this doesn’t fall true they may decide to abandon you.

4. Use other forms of advertising

Of all things; please don’t rely on internet marketing and internet advertising as your sole source of your marketing efforts. You need to combine your efforts and have them coordinate with each other. Does this mean having an expensive television commercial campaign? No, it means just mixing things up a bit. You could send out a newsletter to your customers, try direct mail, cold calling, networking, handing out business cards when you have the chance, etc. Just don’t get too caught up in internet marketing or you may be ignoring other gold mine marketing opportunities.

5. Use Online Promotions

Just like any other form of marketing online advertising may require a little ‘boost’ to get your customer to take the finally dive into deciding to use your company for their needs. Promotions are the ideal way to fill this gap online. You can use such methods as discounts, specials, online-only prices, bonus add-ons, limited-time offers, etc.

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