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Adaptivity Pro has been a pioneer in Utah web design and Internet marketing, though a vast quantity of work has been done for clients outside the realm of Utah on a national and international level. Since CEO Eric Morgan founded the company in 2004 its success in satisfying clients’ needs in design, SEO, PPC, and various other Internet marketing tasks has been exponential. As Adaptivity Pro continues to grow so does its impressive portfolio and so do the success of the multitude of clients that it assists in developing their Internet presence.
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We specialize in web design and internet marketing. CEO Eric Morgan oversees all design work, programming and search engine optimization activity to efficiently coordinate time and minimize costs.

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Lacking the high overhead costs of large corporations, Adaptivity Pro nearly always provides the best return on investment for your promotional dollar. Yet, service is never compromised. With a tight network of talented web designers, programmers, and writers, you receive the service you expect from the large agencies for a fraction of the cost.

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