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Adaptivity Pro is Rafting Now’s Provider of Internet Marketing Services

Adaptivity Pro captures the adrenaline rush and amazing natural views of Rafting Now’s tours and brings them to the arena where potential clients can find them more easily – in the internet. The Rafting Now! website features an easy-to-navigate design that is jam-packed with pictures and stories of the action and excitement Rafting Now Has to offer.

The website has three main areas of information – rafting trips, rafting news and information about Rafting Now! Essentially, these three topics are presented as tabs in the home page and are offered without the complication of numerous layers of menus and submenus. The rafting trip section has one more subheading for all the trips they offer. Meanwhile, all the stories in the rafting news section are presented in one page, with the first one or two paragraphs showing. If the reader wants to see more of the story, he simply has to click “Learn More” to go to that specific page. In all, the website is visually attractive, uncomplicated and highly readable.

Additional features:

–          One contact point. A 1-800 number is prominently displayed on the top right of the website.

–          Featured rafting trip. The website presents a number of rafting trips that a reader may be interested in. Each page features a rafting trip, as well as a photo and the highlights of the tour. The well-written descriptions present the details of each location, including the quality of the white water rapids, their history and other aspects that can interest those who are on the lookout for adventure.

–          Search box. The website also has a search box so that readers can easily find key information.

–          Quick load time. Since the website is not “photo heavy” or loaded with pictures, the website loads more quickly.

About Rafting Now

Rafting Now provides fun river rafting tours in the backdrop of some of the country’s most gorgeous rivers and canyons as well as priceless prehistoric Native American ruins. Families, friends and co-workers can bond while having the time of their lives camping, mountain biking, surfing or whitewater rafting. They can be assured of high safety standards, well-trained guides and a continued commitment to preserving the wilderness and the cultural heritage it holds.

Even as clients enjoy whitewater rafting, kayaking, surfing or mountain biking, Rafting Now aims to ignite and sustain one’s love affair with nature and the dedication to its preservation. Each nature trip combines a glimpse of Native American history with an up close and personal look at dazzling rock formations, canyon walls, limestone pools and the flora and fauna nestled there.

Tours can feature the Grand Canyon, the Desolation Canyon, Yampa, the San Juan River, Fisher Towers Canyon or the Green River.

About Adaptivity Pro

With well-designed websites that engage customers and innovative traffic-generating and maintaining activities, Adaptivity Pro can take businesses to the next level. Led by founder and CEO Eric Morgan, Adaptivity Pro boasts of a creative and experienced team of designers, programmers and writers. They can provide highly affordable internet marketing services, including social media marketing, website design, Pay Per Click and SEO.


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