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How to Use Anchor Text to Improve Site Rankings

Most of us see anchor text in just about everything we read online nowadays. It is that visible text on a page of content that has the hyperlink hooked to it. In the best case scenario, the anchor text will link to a page that is completely relevant to the text itself.

For instance, if you wanted to link the words, “Unity Sand”, ideally you would link them to a page on a web site that sells wedding sand. If you wanted to link, kitchen remodel Utah, then you would link it to the kitchen remodeling page of a Utah construction website.

Search engines, like Google and Yahoo, examine this text in order to determine what the subject of the linked-to document is. This makes it extremely important for your hyperlink to be an accurate description of the page it goes to.

Let’s say you want to write an article about mountain bike trips and you want to place some links in the article that will send users to your web site on mountain biking tours. The most effective way to do this is pick a page on your site…for instance, the page on White Rim mountain biking. Next, write a sentence or paragraph in the article that says something about mountain biking and link those words to the page.

As a bonus, the term “mountain bike trips” is on your list of keywords, so it will be doubly effective here.

When the google bots crawl your page they will determine that your web page on White Rim mountain biking is a relevant site for the link “mountain biking”. If they find that numerous sites believe a particular page is relevant to a set of terms, then the rankings for that page improve even more.

Warning: If the page is NOT relevant to mountain biking, then this can hurt your rankings. It’s very important to make sure it does seem relevant to both human visitors and search engine bots.

Your anchor text should give the reader an appropriate description of the content found at the link’s destination. Web site owners once used the words “click here” or something similar in their text. However, sites are moving away from that practice and using specific terms. Check out the two samples below:


“My business phone system works well and is affordable.”

The words “business phone system” link to a specific page on a web site that offers economical phone systems for small business.


“We just got new chopper sunglasses for the whole bike club.”

The words “chopper sunglasses” link to a page on the company return policy.

In the above example, it would be much better to link the words “chopper sunglasses” to that specific web page. The more sites that believe the page is appropriate to the link, the higher the page will rank.

Remember that anchor text holds significant weight with search engines. It does affect your page and/or site rankings. It’s important to use anchor text correctly though or it can actually hurt your site rankings.

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