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Aseda Raw Honey Web Design

Aseda Honey began in 2009 with Anthony Baron Kirk and the Ashanti-Twi, an ethnic group living in Ghana, Africa. The bees in this region are pure, untouched by chemicals and manmade industries. Wild and very remote, these bees live in the Mole National Forest, which is an enduring wildlife preserve.

With bee populations declining worldwide, less honey producers are selling authentic raw honey. Aseda honey is pure, raw honey that contains concentrated flower nectars. Unprocessed, unheated, unpasteurized and completely pure, this honey is nutritional, containing water, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. This honey also supports the body’s “good” bacteria, which is finally becoming part of mainstream mentality and acceptance.

Honey is therapeutic and has been used for centuries for many home remedies, including improving eyesight, curing colds, aiding persistent coughs, reducing asthma symptoms, controlling blood pressure and even purifying blood. Many medical articles specifically detail the healthy benefits of honey.

Aseda honey is available for purchase online. They also offer honey energy packs, natural chocolate bars and gift boxes. As one of the darkest wild honeys in the entire world, Aseda honey’s rich concentration of healthy benefits makes it highly coveted. The unique sweetness of this honey comes from native cacoa and shea trees, as well as calabash plants, which are a perfect balance and representation of Africa’s natural forestlands.

Aseda honey is used for health benefits, including energy, glowing skin, muscle fatigue, boosting immunity, regulating blood sugar levels, promoting better sleep and helping reduce overall risk of heart disease. This honey is delicious by itself or paired with coffee, tea, meat, cheese, fruit, marinades, glazes, salad dressing, yogurt, ice cream, shakes or smoothies. Additionally, topical doses can be applied to help moisturize skin, aid damaged hair, as an antibacterial agent for skin wounds, in place of sugar, as an acne facial wash and to help reduce indigestion.

Aseda also features a unique Athlete Program that promotes their Aseda Wild Honey Energy Packs. Several successful athletes have endorsed the program, believing in the benefits of pure, wild Aseda honey.

Working in conjunction with Adaptivity Pro, a Utah website design firm, Aseda wanted to share their raw honey with the world. Aseda consulted with Adaptivity Pro and gave them insight into their ultimate vision. The talented web designers at Adaptivity Pro turned this vision into Internet reality and helped them launch their colorful, educational and interactive website.

Using website formats that help increase revenues and web traffic, Adaptivity Pro does not charge exorbitant fees or make empty promises. They simply focus on creating captivating, affordable websites that generate results. Whether it is boosting eCommerce revenues, enhancing lead generation or improving Google rankings, Adaptivity Pro has the skill, experience and results to back up their excellent reputation.