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Back-To-School Ideas to Drive Sales

It’s finally fall, and with the crisp air comes the promise of back to school for parents and kids alike. Back to school sales are common practice these days for everything from clothing to electronics, so it’s important to keep a competitive edge with your marketing campaign.

If you are looking for a way to drive your sales this back-to-school season, see below for some great ideas and tips.

Do your research. The first step to up your sales during the season is to see what your best sellers were from the year before. Take a peek at your previous years’ sale data to see what in your merchandise performed well during this period and what sat on the shelf or warehouse gathering dust. If the item is something that is popular each year, then it’s time to restock that item, and maybe think of a way to get rid of the less exciting stock.

Set the scene in your advertising. Have your Utah web design company come with some digital advertising ideas that feature your products in a back-to-school setting so you can show how useful your product or service can be during this time of year. Point out that your clothes follow school dress code rules, or that your dry cleaning business can get those uniforms cleaned and pressed in just a day or two. Target your audience with the idea that they need your product to get off on the right foot.

Just ask. If you want to know what students are looking to buy this year, get their input. Use social media to post engaging questions to parents to ask what their kids are begging for this back to school. Ask questions like “What’s the hottest backpack brand you need to see in stores this season?” You’ll get the answers you need straight from the source without having to sit through boring focus groups. You can also get kids and teens involved in your campaigns by asking for photo contributions or holding open casting calls for local advertising.

Give helpful tips and tricks. Salt Lake City SEO includes creating engaging and original content in your website to help entice people who are using search engines to find back to school tips. Include keywords in your blogs and videos, but try to not push your products too much. Instead, focus on doing the research work for them by giving tutorials, talking about electronic use in school and how to use parental controls or handle busy student schedules. Your customers will appreciate the knowledge, and you will create customer loyalty and drive more organic traffic to your site.


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