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Bad Example of Email Marketing – TLC Lasik

A Bad Example of Email Marketing - Utah TLC LasikSometimes it is just as fun to write about bad examples of online or email marketing as it is to write a post about bad examples. A few months ago I visited a Utah TLC Lasik center to get screened to see if I was a good candidate for lasik or not – which I am. Yesterday I was checking my personal email and I usually glance through my spam folder to make sure there are no emails that should not be there. I noticed an email from TLC Lasik in my junk email which I normally would not have opened but I was interested in their email marketing strategies so I opened it – how disappointing it was for several reasons:

  1. The subject line was “Look forward to treasured moments with LASIK at TLC.” What is that supposed to mean? Generally speaking for most email marketing campaigns the sole focus of the sender is to make sure it doesn’t get caught by spam. The sole focus of the subject line is to make sure it gets opened. The sole focus of the content is to make sure they click through to the website to a landing page. The sole focus of the landing page is to direct them to information they are seeking to help them take an action on your website at some point. I don’t want to look forward to ‘treasured moments with LASIK at TLC’ and I doubt I ever will want to. I am interested in finding a reliable trustworthy successful low-risk affordable lasik center though. I am also interested in the end benefit – being able to see clearly without having to wear glasses. However since I am not interested in spending treasured moments with TLC Lasik then I would normally not have opened it and I doubt very many others did either.
  2. The main text of the email was “Eric, Take the Next Step with TLC this season. Look forward to treasured moments with LASIK at TLC. What are you Waiting For?” There is a picture in the email of a smiling man and woman drinking wine together. Ok, lots of issues here.
  3. First and foremost ‘this season’ is dead and gone, its no longer the holidays people! Christmas was two weeks ago and New Years was a week ago.
  4. Next the picture and message suggests I want to go hang out with TLC Lasik and spend ‘treasured moments’ with them. Instead the message so focus on the benefits and information I am looking for. The email could focus on me not having to worry about having sweaty dirty glasses when I am out mowing my lawn in 95 degree weather, or not having to wait 2 minutes until I can see again after going out on a cold day while my glasses unfog, or maybe not worrying about the times when I forget my glasses at a movie theater and get stuck in the back because we are late and can’t see the screen in any detail whatsoever. The email could have focused on benefits like those but it didn’t.
  5. “What are you waiting for?” What am I waiting for? If they do some market research they may find out that I am waiting on Lasik for financial reasons and for quality reasons. The email could have focused more on the 0% financing, how they have a discount if you do it on Wed. because its the slow day, how they just lowered their price $200 since I was last in, how their retreatment rate is only 5%, or how they just got the newest lasik machine that addresses quality issues with night vision. [those are all fictional examples by the way]

Overall it was a poorly written email, I am very disappointed especially since I consider them as my first choice to having Lasik when I do it finally. This email look like someone literally spent about 20 minutes to put together and just hastily hit the ‘send’ button which is a huge long-term mistake. First it will get them more often in spam folders if the quality is not high and next time I receive an email from them I will automatically delete it since I already had one bad experience with an email from them with little or no valuable information for me.

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