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Believe Soccer Movie Website Design

In theaters, September 12, 2014, is the new movie release, “Believe.” This movie is set in 1984 and is inspired by true events about the legendary Sir Matt Busby. As the Manchester United football manager, Sir Busby helps a young, gifted soccer player overcome petty crime and fulfill his boyhood dreams.

Winner of the Children’s Film Audience Award for the Zurich 2013 Film Festival, this heartwarming tale is a family classic. Featuring Emmy-Award winning actor Brian Cox, this soccer movie also highlights the work of director David Scheinmann.

In today’s modern day world, every movie requires their own dedicated website. This allows people searching for online movies, including those on Apple TV, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu and other movie-related sites to easily look for new and upcoming movie releases and trailers.

In a world that revolves around Smartphones, more movies are having sites created and developed, making them easy to search. These sites generally feature a short, captivating movie trailer, highlighting nearby theaters and show times, including release dates.

In fact, with the new “Demand It(R)” feature, viewers can even demand that independent films are brought to nearby area theaters. These movie release sites also link to popular social media sites, such as Facebook and YouTube, including IMDb, which highlights movie synopses, directors, writers and stars. These types of social media also make it easy for friends and family to share links to movies, comment on films and generate more buzz for Hollywood film stars and producers.

In a world that revolves around Facebook “likes,” movie producers can effectively manage exclusive movie trailer releases, updates on film stars, Twitter feeds, advice, exclusive biographies, behind the scenes stories, movie and production preparation, photos and much more.

Adaptivity Pro, a leading Utah website design company, was hired by the “Believe” marketing team to create a unique website dedicated to generating interest for this up and coming Hollywood movie release. This captivating, yet simple website allows the true essence of the movie to shine. Movie buffs can easily search the web and find information on this movie, including when it will be in nearby movie theaters.

Adaptivity Pro focuses on creating interactive websites. They also feature additional Internet marketing services, such as SEO optimization, banner advertising, e-zine advertising, email marketing, link building, website conversion and web analytics. They focus on creating websites quickly and efficiently, while placing value on quality, affordability and results.