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Blog Performance: Increasing Conversions from your Blog to Your Website

Blogs are an excellent way to reach and build an audience. It can be written to inform, educate or inspire. For businesses, blogs can also reflect the company’s personality, something that readers will find approachable and relatable.

When utilized wisely, a blog can mean converting your audience into website visitors and in turn, into customers. Through your blog, you can generate leads, generate a buzz for the company and its products and increase your presence in the mind of your audience. In addition, a blog can help with your company’s SEO efforts.

Here are some tips to help you increase your conversion from your blog to your website:

Effectively use calls to action in all blog posts. Add calls to action in every post that is easily seen. The call to action can be to invite readers to sign up for your newsletter or a free gift or to share the blog post through the readers’ social media accounts. When designing the call to action, use snappy action words and a high-contrast button. It is best to tweak your call to action from time to time so that you don’t use a specific call to action repeatedly. If you use one often enough, the readers may just ignore and consider it part of the scenery. Oftentimes, you need to test which call to action is the most effective in terms of the color used, the copy, the picture and the button size.

Include lead forms. Encourage readers to fill out the form that can contain their name and e-mail address. This can be done by including a sign-up form for your newsletter at the end of each blog post. The form should not be too complicated or else it will just turn the readers off and they can exit the blog without signing up. Make it easy for the readers to convert from a casual visitor to a constant reader and hopefully, into customers.

Make your blog part of the business website. This provides an unmistakable link between the website and the blog. The link between the two immediately tells the audience who the people behind the blog are and instills trust.

Post relevant and interesting content. Ideally, you want your content to go viral, or at least, be interesting enough to be shared by your readers. The blog-writing team should research and understand what your audience wants and needs. It can be humorous, useful or touching.

Funnel the blog into key pages. You can guide readers from the blog into important website pages such as product pages or special offers in the website.

Make relevant links in the blog’s navigation. Even though your blog resides in the same website as your products and “about us” pages, the navigation of the blog should hold links that are interesting for the readers. After all, readers get to visit your blog because they searched for a certain keyword and you were able to provide an interesting article that addresses their needs or interest. These readers would be interested more in what you have to say rather than what you want to sell. Thus, include links to the rest of your articles, especially ones that are closely related to the initial topic. You can also add a sidebar that includes “most read” or “most shared” articles.

Keep blog navigation simple. Aside from adding only links to relevant articles, you can also add a link to the home page or business area of the website.

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