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Blogging for Business

Leverage Your Online Presence

There is no doubt conversations are transpiring online and in the blogosphere about your individual products and services. The question is: Are you participating?

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Adaptivity Pro provides blog hosting, implementation and strategic consulting for businesses of all size. We combine award-winning web design with our extensive blogging experience to provide you with the strategy, tools, and tips for greater search engine optimization and differentiation from competitors.

How Can Blogging Improve My Business?

When considering blogging for business the first two questions that should come to mind are:

WHY should I consider blogging?
HOW do I blog, and leverage my bloging in a way to achieve my goals?

Key reasons to seriously consider a blogging strategy for your company, and answer these questions are:

Higher Rankings in the Search Engines

Blogging is one of the most effective ways to improve your SEO. This is primarily due to the amount of the content, the regular updates to that content, and the SEO friendly structure of the content.

Many companies have websites consisting of a small number of pages with content that updates infrequently. Blogs on the other hand produce pages very quickly thus making the search engines more aware of them and more likely to index a blog’s pages more quickly. If your company started blogging today, and wrote twice per week, within six months you would have:

1 main page with lots of SEO friendly content
6 monthly archives each with good content
52 pages, each containing a single post

Additionally, this content is often commented on by your readers. These updates make your site even more dynamic, and provide additional copy that is indexed by search engines. Each of these entries not only has the value of being full of keyword terms your customers care about, but the subjects of your posts become a part of the URL for the post. This is one of the most powerful steps to making a page rate well for SEO!

Broader Online Reach

It may be common that your customers don’t find your products or services with the marketing “buzz words” that you may use to identify and describe your products on your website. More often than not a customer finds what they are looking for after refining their search four or five times. The key to successfully leveraging a blog is to use it to capture those key phrases that a potential customer uses on the fourth or fifth search they do. This can be even more critical and powerful than having the first ranking for your marketing “buzz words.”

Blogs are powerful in this respect because their tone is more “conversational.” As an example, if a person is looking for diet pills, they will likely be overwhelmed by the number of matches returned. As a result, they will begin to add key words to describe what type of weight loss or their reasons for it.

Consider your blog post: If you post success stories from consumers of your diet pill, odds are that some of these will contain stories about how it helped take an overweight, depressed person and turned their life around. Now, although you would be unlikely to integrate the word “depression” in your corporate web site, you might be surprised to see the number of your customers that use it in their fourth or fifth search attempt.

All of a sudden you start to see traffic make its way to your website from keyword phrases you did not expect; phrases that were used conversationally in your blog. You can then begin to pay more attention to those phrases, and increase their performance for you.

Intimacy Marketing

There is a whole new type and level of consumer out there. This consumer is better informed and willing to do their homework. That’s homework they can easily do on the internet. This new consumer no longer trusts your commercials or your marketing slicks. This consumer wants to see through the hype and know what products and companies are really good for them.

Additionally, a growing number of these consumers are socially conscious. These are consumers that would choose not to buy a less expensive product is they did not believe in the company or what they represent. This is a consumer that wants to deal with someone they trust, and if possible, someone they feel they “know.”

Enter “Intimacy Marketing.” Your blog is like a peek into your diary. If you are genuine, and open in your blogging, it is a chance for your consumers to see who you really are, and even to interact with you. It is a chance for you to develop trust and credibility.

As with any relationship these consumers are not looking for someone who is always right, or always perfect. They are looking for someone who is “real” and committed to the relationship. Your blog is a chance for them to see that this is you.