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Bob Seiler

Jump, run, live out loud. Scale a mountain top or learn the salsa. These are the things Dr. Bob Seiler, a premier Utah chiropractor, wants his clients to do and enjoy – minus the pain. Dr. Seiler believes in the holistic, natural and caring approach to pain relief. With his Salt Lake City chiropractic practice, Dr. Seiler has been helping his clients decrease their dependency on pain medication, minimize the possibility of surgeries and become more resilient against injury, illness and disease.

Usually, Dr. Seiler’s clients come to him after being injured from a whiplash incident or fender-bender or after having suffered from years of chronic pain. As a Utah holistic chiropractor, Dr. Seiler uses state-of-the-art equipment in a healing and supportive environment, coupled with a keen understanding of his clients’ health needs that only comes with years of experience.

Dr. Seiler is a graduate of University of Oregon in Eugene, with a BA in psychology. He then studied at Life West Chiropractic College in Hayward, California and The McKinnon Institute in Oakland, California, where he received his massage certification.

His Approach to Wellness

Dr. Seiler exposes a non-invasive and non-medicative alternative for one’s well-being. There are various methods to achieve this:

–   Body Mind Healing. The body is equipped with natural healing functions. A person’s situation and mental condition can contribute one the one hand, to pain made manifest in various parts of the body, and on the other hand, help strengthen one’s immune system and improving one’s overall wellbeing. One way to harness the power of the mind for healing the body is to identify energy blockages and nerve interference caused by stress. This stress can be emotional, physical (like a whiplash injury) or chemical (due to one’s diet).

–   Holistic Chiropractic and Wellness. Health and wellness is a lifestyle – what you do, what you enjoy, how you feel, what you eat, how you live, sleep and play. There is an intricate relationship between the physical, chemical and emotional aspects of the body and a holistic approach which includes chiropractic therapy can heal and provide relief from pain. Aside from the LiteCure Thermal Laser Therapy, the holistic chiropractic therapies include Percussive Therapies, Kennedy Spinal Decompression, Shiatsu/Accupressure Energy Therapy and Holistic Nutrition.

–   LiteCure Class IV Thermal Laser Therapy. This utilizes thermal laser to introduce relaxing and gentle warmth right down to the body’s cells. These photonic beams of light quickly relieve inflammation and swelling. It also helps get rid of the growth of free radical cells. This type of therapy has been shown to diminish the pain resulting from back problems, sprains, strained muscles, sciatica, slipped discs and other ailments.

–   Spinal decompression. Pain is sometimes due to the pressure on the discs of the spine. With spinal decompression, traction and distraction, the body is gently pulled in controlled and precise measures. This stretches the vertebrae back into its proper shape and results in pain relief, over time.

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