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Boost your Website Traffic with Article Distribution

The equation’s pretty simple. You write interesting, relevant and unique articles and then post them in article distribution websites (also called article marketing). You take every opportunity to add your website URL to these articles. With the use of strategic SEO keywords, you can actually increase the traffic coming into your website.

Why Use Article Distribution?

We do business in the World Wide Web – big emphasis of the “wide”. With so many businesses and entities fighting for attention and getting more people to visit their websites, you need to have a strategy where it’s easier for people to find you (or the product or service you provide) in the internet.

Article distribution has some distinct benefits:

–          Cost effective. With the right tools, you can generate a lot of unique yet relevant articles that people will find interesting to read. Also, some article distribution sites charge only a minimal amount – with some sites allowing you to post for free.

–          More backlinks. With these articles, you can have backlinks that point people to your website. Effective articles are known to have been able to generate some 150 to 200 backlinks. Although a more realistic result is set at around 50 backlinks per article.

–          Increase Google visibility. With more backlinks, your Google results will increase for strategic keywords.

–          Targeted traffic. Since people are already reading your articles because they have an interest in the topic being discussed, this means that the people you reach are more targeted.

–          Establish your reputation. With article distribution, You can show yourself as an expert in a particular topic and people will want to look into what you have to say once you have established your credibility.

Article Writing Tips

To help you make the most of article marketing and article distribution, take note of the following:

–          Focus on one topic. Don’t go off-tangent. Be sure that the article covers a major topic.

–          Keep your articles relevant. First, to what people want to know about. It’s no use coming out with an article on a topic no one is interested in. Secondly, the article should relate to what you’re selling and what the people can find in your site.

–          Know and follow the guidelines for article submission. Each distribution site will have its own set of rules – and if you don’t follow these rules, you run the risk of being banned from the site. One important thing to remember is that spam and affiliate links are usually banned from the articles or even the resource box.

–          Use a catchy title. This is the first thing one sees when he first opens your article and it will indicate to him whether your article is worth his time. If you don’t grab his attention with the title, more likely than not, he won’t read the article. One way to catch a person’s attention is to show him one major benefit to his reading the article. For instance, “Get Gorgeous: Makeup tips that Bring out Your Beauty” is more interesting than “Taking a look at various kinds of makeup”.

–          Keep it short and sweet. The fact is, no one really has time to read your article in full! What most people do would be to just scan the article to get the pertinent facts. Also, keeping the articles short will make the readers want more information – and that will get them to visit your site. The rule of thumb is to write articles that are no more than 1,000 words in length.

–          Check for mistakes. Ensure that your article is free of grammatical and spelling errors. Errors will undermine your image as an expert in the topic.

–          Write for the readers. Remember, readers are not there because they want to learn more about you. They’re there because they want information on a certain subject. So, be sure to provide that information. Also, your writing should be in the active voice – as if you’re there talking to them. To make the articles more interesting, you should also use anecdotes and stories related to the topic.

–          Don’t forget your URL and call to action. Be sure that your URL is easily seen (for some article distribution sites, you are allowed to insert URLs only in the Bio portion of the article). Also, drive the people into doing something after reading the article – a call to action that point them to the website. Examples would be “Click to avail of this one-time offer – visit my website!” or “Know more about ___________. Click here.”

–          Spread your articles. Don’t just post in one site, get your articles in as many places as possible.

–          Look for opportunities to write as a guest blogger for a reputed site. By far, this form of “articles distribution” is one of the most effective ways to improve visibility, recognition, and of course, traffic to your website.

Article Distribution Sites: Our Top Picks

Here are the more popular article distribution sites you can submit your articles to:

–          EzineArticles. This is one of the most effective distribution sites in the Internet. It has proven its effectivity in the noticeable increase in traffic after one posts here.

– Good site for back links and SEO. The review of your article may take time, though. Also, if your article does not pass muster, there are no notifications stating such.

–          IdeaMarketers. This is primarily for aspiring writers, as well as e-book authors. People can also ask to reprint your article if they like it, on the condition that they have your permission and that your full bio and contact information are attached.

– This is one good site if you are thinking of spreading your articles across the internet.

These are just some of the article submission sites available for you. Other sites include,, and

The way you go about your articles will depend on what you want to accomplish. If you are going for traffic alone, you can try submitting a number of unique versions of one article (commonly called article spinning). However, if you are going for building a strong network of back links and increasing your reputation (as an expert), you should look into popular article submission sites that have consistent page rank.

For quality SEO-rich articles, you can go to Adaptivity Pro for help. Adaptivity Pro is a Salt Lake City, Utah SEO as well as Utah web design provider. We also provide content for websites, blogs and article submission sites.

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