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Building A SEO Friendly Mobile Website

Mobile web traffic is no longer a small percentage of consumers, but has grown from 0.9-percent in 2009 to 15-percent in 2013. Projections show that this trend will continue to grow, ultimately encompassing 30-percent of web traffic by 2014. As data plans and cell phones continue to decrease in price, mobile Internet usage is expected to increase.

With an increase in mobile usage every December, due in large part to holiday shopping, companies should consider launching mobile sites in November, making sure everything is in proper working order for after Thanksgiving shopping sprees.

How does this affect ecommerce?

Google cites statistics that in 2012, at least 35-percent of mobile visitors made purchases using their Smartphones. However, this statistic also shows that only 66-percent of all Internet users make online purchases. This means that mobile visitors are half as likely to make an online purchase over desktop visitors. As more companies embrace mobile-friendly websites, this number is anticipated to increase.

For companies that don’t sell products online, last year’s holiday season shows that nearly 62-percent of shoppers use the store’s website or app to gain insight into stores’ sales, hours, locations, reviews and coupons.

For companies that focus on providing informational articles and content, such as news sites, magazines, etc., mobile sites compromise one-third of traffic, allowing consumers to connect on-the-go. Mobile apps are especially important for these news outlets to embrace, as electronic reading is the wave of the future.

Adaptivity Pro, a Utah web design firm, specializes in working with clients to create custom, individualized marketing plans. They strive to work with customers to determine their online marketing and mobile website goals. With a special focus on Utah SEO, Adaptivity Pro can analyze website data to determine what information is necessary to increase web traffic.

Businesses benefit from having a professional SLC web design company create custom mobile websites. This allows companies to rely on professional advice for mobile websites, including what types of text, images, JavaScript and flash requirements should be considered.


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