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Café Zupas

Café Zupas serves healthy, fresh, home-cooked goodness in its restaurants. It specializes in whipping up gourmet soups, salads, sandwiches and desserts. Café Zupas makes its mark by providing freshly-prepared meals, made from scratch using only the finest and freshest ingredients. Its commitment to quality, taste and friendly customer service has earned it 16 Best-of-State awards for seven consecutive years.

Customers can enjoy:
–  Home-made soups. At Café Zupas, you can find hot gourmet soups made with careful attention to the subtle details of tastes and textures. One can choose from the ten soups available in the menu. There are local favorites such as the cheesy Wisconsin Cauliflower Soup, the fiery Chicken Enchilada Chili soup or the Southern staple that is the Shrimp and Sausage Gumbo. One can also get a glimpse of the flavors around the world through the spicy and exotic Thai lobster curry, the light Tuscan White Bean and Vegetable soup, the flavorful Tomato Basil with Orzo Pasta or the Yucatan Chicken Tortilla soup. Seafood lovers can also try the classic New England Clam Chowder or the decadent Lobster Bisque.

Specialty salads. The delectable blend of tastes, textures and aromas make Café Zupas’ salads certified winners. Customers can delight in tried-and-tested mixtures of greens, vegetables, meats, cheese, nuts and fruits drizzled with Café Zupas’ signature dressings. Customers also have the freedom to create their own salads (picking and choosing the greens, meats, vegetables and fruits) with a regular or low-fat dressing of their choice.

Gourmet sandwiches and Grilled Panini Sandwiches. Café Zupas is sandwich heaven! Its sandwiches and paninis are literally layers upon layers of mouthwatering goodness. One can choose from BBQ Pulled Pork, Italian Club, Vegetarian, Turkey Cranberry or California Turkey sandwiches. Or, one can sink his teeth in the hot grilled Panini offerings, namely, Pesto Chicken, Honey Bacon Club, Turkey Bacon Avocado, Milano, Turkey Spinach Artichoke, Boston Crab Melt or the Ultimate Grilled Cheese.

– Desserts. Café Zupas’ desserts are the perfect way to end a meal – or start it, if one prefers. Aside from the popular Belgian chocolate-dipped strawberries that come with every meal, one can also get his own sugar high with the café’s dessert offerings. These include the Chocolate Fondue, Gourmet Cakes, Gourmet Dessert Bars and Brulees.

Café Zupas started out by offering dining and catering services in Utah, and later, in Arizona. Currently, they have 14 locations in these two states – two restaurants in Phoenix and 10 restaurants in Riverdale, Layton and other key areas in Utah. Soon, it will expand and open its doors to other states in the country.

About Adaptivity Pro

Like Café Zupas, Adaptivity Pro’s Utah website design services are “freshly made”!

Each website is tailored to a customer’s unique needs and image. Adaptivity Pro’s crack team of designers, programmers, copy writers and SEO specialists provide not just SLC website design but other internet-related services as well. The company is headed by President and CEO Eric Morgan who started the Utah SEO company with a number of clients. It has since grown and expanded, offering its services for national and international companies and organizations.

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