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A Checklist for Redesigning your Website for SEO

Ready for a website makeover? At times you may want to refurbish your website so you can maximize your search results. When planning a website redesign, it is important that you are aware of the must-haves to ensure that the redesign does not wreak havoc on your website and instead will produce welcome improvements to it.

Here’s a checklist when you are planning to do a website makeover:

  1. Ensure all SEO-critical content is moved over. Double check to make sure all high traffic pages are moved to the proper place and minimize ranking loss.
  2. Run weekly reports. Run weekly ranking, indexing, and link reports for 8 weeks to ensure no major issues arise and if they do, address them immediately.
  3. Send an updated XML feed to Google and Yahoo. This will involve generating a new fresh xml sitemap file for Google and a urllist.txt file for Yahoo and submitting them to the search engines so they pick up the new pages as quickly as possible and remove old pages faster.
  4. Check for dead links. Once the site is on the live domain, run a quick test for dead links to ensure there are none in existence.
  5. Update/review all title tags and meta descriptions. This will be a good opportunity to review and update all title tags and meta descriptions.
  6. Setup 301 redirects for key pages. As many people will be hitting old pages that are no longer live, setup custom 301 redirects for pages that had considerable traffic to them and redirect them to the new equivalent page.
  7. Fill in empty alt tags. Ensure there are no blank alt tags on the new website.
  8. Provide suggestions for canonical link tags. Provide suggestions for setting up an automatic head canonical link tag for indexing accuracy.
  9. Set up internal linking from subpages. Double check to ensure that you have a strong internal linking structure with the new website content.
  10. Set up custom 404 page not found webpage. Again, since many people will be hitting dead pages, you should create a custom 404 error page where they can quickly find what they were originally looking for.
  11. Setup a custom HTML sitemap page and link to it in the footer. Make sure there is a custom HTML based sitemap page that includes a link to all pages on the site to help the search engines index the new pages faster.
  12. Create custom robots.txt file. Create a robots.txt file to tell the search engines NOT to index any of the old page URLs anymore.
  13. Request manual deletion of old pages via Google webmaster tools. Once you have the robots.txt file up, you can actually tell Google directly to remove old pages permanently from their index.
  14. Ensure Google Analytics is working properly. Double check that Google analytics is functioning properly and still capturing data so you can compare statistics from the old website to the new one.
  15. Modify goal conversion tracking in Google Analytics. Since the URL structure may be changing, you need to make sure the conversion tracking for Google analytics is still functioning.

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