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Choosing Your Web Design Company

Today’s market has burst wide open. Your customers do not only come to you through your physical store or office. More and more, people are getting to know about you and choosing to buy your products or services through your online presence. Being online and remaining highly visible in this arena is also an excellent and cost-effective way for you to build stronger relationships with existing or potential clients.

With so much at stake, it really is important for you to choose the right partner – your website designer. Here are some key considerations when choosing the web design company to work with:

–          Your goals. At the onset, it should be clear to you and your team what you would like to achieve with the website. With this, you can already filter from among the Utah web design companies you can choose from, based on their area of expertise, whether it be simple web design services, animation, database building, e-commerce or search engine optimization.

–          Your cost vs. expected return on investment. How much would you like to achieve at a certain cost? The dividends of your website will also be determined by how much you are willing to invest on it. Knowing your specific price points can help you start negotiations with a prospective web design company.

–          Portfolio. Look at examples of websites they have already created. This will give you an indication of the team’s overall design style. However, the websites should look varied enough so as to be unique and differentiated from other websites for other clients. The question is, is the web design company able to create and design a wide variety of websites that all look aesthetically pleasing and are well-designed structurally.

–          Track record. How many clients have they served since they started? How well are they serving existing clients? Do they have evidence of the value they provide to their clients? Have sales gone up? Is the client more visible where it counts? Are their clients staying with them? Are there concrete statistics to back these up? Check to see whether these statistics include key measurement tools – conversions, increased repeat traffic or bounce rates. 

–          Pricing. When getting a quote, resist the sticker shock that comes at the first sight of the quote. Rather, go deeper as to how the web design company has priced their services. Is this based on a specific number of man-hours or is the payment for the whole project? How are the deliverables priced? Does the pricing involve low set-ups costs but higher maintenance charges, or vice versa? Is the billing procedure transparent and clear and can accommodate extra work or features you may ask for along the way?

–          Structure and composition of the team. A good web design and web services company should provide a broad set of skills. The team should be composed not just of web programmers but also artists, copy writers, SEO specialists and business analysis. This provides a well-rounded approach to your needs. The team should also be large but mobile enough to be responsive to your needs as a client. Also, ask for a listing of the team’s credentials and individual achievements.

–          Communications. How well do they listen and ask questions? Are they able to effectively interpret your stated requirements and even go one step further as to making suggestions that can improve on the expected outcome? Do you have a designated person whom you can contact and who directly takes responsibility for your website project? How quickly do they respond to calls and e-mails?

About Adaptivity Pro

The above considerations are just some of the factors to help you decide on your go-to Utah web design team. Adaptivity Pro is proud to say that it meets these demands with flying colors. Adaptivity Pro is made up of a team of top-notch designers, developers, writers and web marketing experts. This enables them to go beyond just web designing but also to provide other key web-based services such as Utah SEO and internet marketing.


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