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How Color Plays a Big Part in Your Media Marketing

It’s no secret that color can have a psychological effect on many people. Advertisers and marketing experts have been using color in their designs to influence consumers for years, and these tricks are an easy and efficient way to up your marketing game.

If you want to know exactly how color can affect your customers with your products, see below for the psychology of color, and how to use it.

Use Red for sales. Red is shown to create a sense of urgency, so it’s a great tip to use it when you are looking to get rid of inventory. It’s also been shown to increase appetite, so if you are trying to promote sales for food, red is the color for you.

Use Yellow to keep it light. Yellow is the perfect color for spring marketing in particular because it promotes optimism and a sense of renewal. Using a bright color like yellow or orange is a great way to tell your consumers that the new season is here.

Green is great for nature. If you have a natural health food store or want to promote a healthy lifestyle, green is the way to go. It invokes thoughts of nature and peace, which in turn promotes feelings of being healthy and eating well.

Use Blues when appealing to men. If your product is geared more towards a male demographic, blue is the color choice preferred by this gender. It’s a strong, secure and trustworthy choice, which will create a trust in your product.

Keep it clean with White. White is the best color to use if you are trying to create a sense of purity and cleanliness. If you want to convey simplicity with your product or service, using white with a contrasting background will draw attention to the main focus, which is your product.

And use Black to convey power and authority. For more serious matters, or to create a compelling message, black is the color of power. However, using it too much can be very overwhelming, so choose your black pieces sparingly and strategically.

When choosing your UT website design, keep in mind what type of information you’ll want to convey. If you have a more picture-heavy site with short descriptions, bright colors are an excellent choice to keep it fresh and energetic. If you have a lot of text information to convey, it’s important to tone it down to reduce eye strain.

Be sure to incorporate these tricks into your social media marketing as well. Using them will help to improve your SLC SEO, or search engine optimization, and increase your organic traffic.


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