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Common Problems That Can Lead to a Rankings Drop

Any smart business with a web presence is wise to check in on their search engine rankings from time to time, or even daily. The higher the ranking on search sites such as Google, the better the chance that your site will be the one that is sought after by consumers when searching for your particular product on service.

However, sometimes a rankings drop will happen overnight, and it may be a massive plummet or a small step down. Regardless of where your site now stands, it’s essential to find out what could be causing it so you can handle it and build your site back up. See below for some common issues that cause ranking drops.

You’re hit with a penalty. If your site is still ranking high on other search engine sites but has made a quick and harsh drop on a site such as Google, it could be that the algorithm has found something on your site that doesn’t comply with the most recent standards. To find out if this is the issue, check out your Google Webmaster Tools page, and specifically the Manual Actions section to see why you’re tagged for penalties. If it’s as simple as a broken link, then remove or correct the link.

Your page has a lot of issues. This can lead to a swift drop or a gradual falling behind. It can be anything from bad links to lousy content or broken hashtags. This is another way the GWT comes in handy, as it can tell you if there are various errors detected on your page. For best results of monitoring this, always make sure your GWT settings are set to email you notifications with any problems. Even with the best workers, sometimes a hacker is to blame, so stay on top of your site.

You’re outranked. Competitors are always going to be out there, trying to put their page on top and get the business for their similar product or service. If you are being slowly outranked, now is the time to hire a Utah SEO professional to come in and improve your rankings. A Salt Lake City web design company can help improve organic traffic by adding engaging content like blogs or doing a complete website overhaul that’s more customer service friendly and appealing to your target audience.

Google updated their algorithm. Google is always updating, and they don’t often let the site owners know when it’s coming. SEO pages will be able to warn you of upcoming updates that may affect your page, and what the new guidelines will be. Check these sites regularly so you can stay on top of guideline changes and correct any issues before you are hit with a drop because of infractions. If you miss an update and are penalized, be sure to check you GWT to correct the problems quickly.


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