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Common Web Management Blunders to Avoid

Utah web design and management is an active and continuously evolving pursuit. It is not enough to simply launch a website, tick it off the to-do list and then forget about it. A well-designed and well-managed website will serve a definite purpose. It includes determining how the website looks, managing how the audience interacts with the website (and supporting social media platforms) and controlling the content the audience can read and see in the various pages. What’s more, the purpose may change over time as the company itself evolves.

With all that is involved in web management, it will be helpful to identify some of the common mistakes regarding website management so as to avoid them:

Lack of or no clarity on the purpose of the website. Having a token presence in the Internet is a poor use of an invaluable marketing resource. Have clearly defined goals for the website. Specific goals will require a specific web design and management strategy. Ask, what are the company’s goals for building the website – relationship building, increasing the company’s presence in the internet or making sales? How can the company build value for its customers?

Not building for the target audience. Who does the website want to reach? Knowing the target audience helps in building the right type and presentation of the content. The focus of the website is not just to provide information about the company, its vision, mission or history. These are necessary data that should be in the website. However, this should not be the primary and most prominent content. Rather, incorporate content that will draw and engage the target audience.

Forgetting about website maintenance. Having a presence in the web does not stop at SLC web design. It also includes constantly updating the website’s look and content. This way, it looks “fresh” whenever the target audience comes to visit. Adding and bringing content up-to-date keeps the target audience coming back to see what new stories and offers the company has to offer at the moment.

Treating the website as the company intranet or repository of marketing collateral. No, the website is not the place to make internal announcements and news or where one displays recycled marketing content. Do not simply paste the company’s existing marketing posters and fliers as is. Rather, design the collaterals specifically for the website platform.

Forgetting about mobile devices. The target audience does not just view the website through their computers but also through their tablets and smartphones. It would be a mistake to lose interested viewers just because the website will not load on their mobile device.

Poor link building and management. The internet is called the “web” for a reason. Through the internet, one can spread the word about the website and about the company through building quality linkages throughout the web and social media platforms. This makes the company easier to find. Another aspect to link management is in expertly directing the potential customer to pages in the website where you want them to take action. They should be funneled into the sales or services pages, or, if building a web presence is the goal, towards the blog or social media platform where they can interact with and share the website content.

One way to avoid these mistakes is to outsource website design and management tasks to a company that offers experience and expertise in Utah SEO and web design. Adaptivity Pro provides seasoned web design and management services combined with a deep insight to your company’s unique needs and goals. Adaptivity Pro also crafts PPC and social media campaigns, as well as content management services.


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