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Comparing Comparison Shopping Sites

Just over the last few years, consumers worldwide have begun relying heavily on comparison shopping sites to help them decide which products to purchase. A few have made a name for themselves in this sector including Google, Nextag and Yahoobut some of the newer comparison shopping sites are fast becoming an indispensable tool for most consumers. Most merchants are well aware of these facts and are utilizing the power of comparison shopping to promote and advertise their products and services.

This can be accomplished several ways. You can make sure your brand name, store, product or service is represented on the most popular sites. Many of these sites will allow you to submit your products free of charge but even if they charge a bit, this is still a good way to expose your products to the masses. Some sites have a program called cost-per-click. You only pay when a shopper clicks on the link to your site. Below, we talk about the most popular comparison shopping sites.

TheFind has rapidly grown into one of the most popular comparison shopping sites available. The company reports a 175% growth throughout the past year. TheFind is free to use and merchants can submit their product listings as often as they like. They do offer another service known as UpFront that increases your product visibility. This service is currently offered as a free trial but will eventually cost the merchant around $300.

BizRate is owned by Shopzilla and it routinely attracts over 13 million visitors each month. To use this service, merchants must sign up at Shopzilla Business Services. There is a $50 refundable deposit to sign up here but merchant CPC fees will be taken out of that deposit.

Google Products

This is by far the most popular comparison shopping network. It is free to merchants who wish to submit their product catalog. That means there’s no charge for any of their services. With the heavy traffic that Google experiences on a daily basis, any business could benefit by having their products listed here.

Yahoo! Shopping

This is Yahoo’s own version of the comparison shopping network and it is one of the more popular sites. Yahoo! does charge Cost-per-Click fees to users but if you have a Yahoo store, you can save on these charges. With its wide popularity all over the world, this would offer a strong return on your investment.

Bing Shopping

Bing was formerly known as MSN Shopping and this is a free comparison shopping service for merchants. The only stipulation with Bing is that merchants must be located in the U.S. and use U.S. currency. The Bing merchant information page provides a list of restricted items. These are products that are not allowed on its network.

NexTagis one of the more commonly used sites by consumers of all ages and geographic locations. They reported over 15 million visitors in July of 2011. Though they do charge the CPC fee to merchants, the actual listing of your product catalog is free.

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