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Content Management Systems (CMS)

Hassle-free Updates to Your Website

Save valuable time by making quick updates to your website yourself.  You will have total control of your website 24/7, being able to implement emergency updates on the fly – anytime anywhere.  You can login to a portal and change information in a simple to use editor that is similar to typing text in Microsoft Word.

You will have total confidence when making changes before any changes go live on your website.  You will be able to ‘preview’ the changes to ensure they are exactly how you want it to be.  Updating your website can’t get easier than this.

The Best Reasons to Get a Content Management System

Don’t Settle for a Pre-Packaged Solution

We have developed a stable core content management system that powers the basic modifications you will need to make to your website, however it doesn’t stop there.  If you have specific needs for your website we can create and add custom CMS sections just for you.  Some examples are a non-profit and need a special donation section, a school that needs a class registration system, or a ski resort that needs a custom web camera setup.  Whatever you need can be integrated into your CMS utilizing the latest technology.

What CMS Options Do You Have?

  Pre-Package CMS Semi Custom CMS Custom CMS
Cost Low Medium High
Time 1-2 weeks 2-8 weeks 8-48 weeks
Pros Very cheap and fast to implement.  Many options to choose from.  Very stable Inexpensive compared to custom systems.  Stable environment.  Fairly quick to implement.  Free updates and the ability to add custom modules. Fully custom system, unique to you specifically.
Cons Little or not customization and flexibility.  Sometimes difficult to integrate with existing designs.  Little or no support. May have few options for hosting, more expensive than pre-packaged systems. Very expensive and takes a very long time to get up and going.  May not be stable or bug-free for several months after launch.

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