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Content Marketing Explained

Today’s consumers are savvy, avoiding traditional methods of advertisement. For example, most magazine and newspaper advertisements go unnoticed, traditional online banners are tuned out and consumers are able to DVR television programs, fast-forwarding through advertising commercials.

This is making businesses look at how to reinvent traditional marketing campaigns, which is where content marketing plays a significant role in modern-day business operations.

Content marketing involves creating innovative techniques that effectively distribute relevant, valuable and consistent information across a wide variety of platforms, albeit it websites or social media.

Content marketing involves communicating with customers, without fancy sales techniques that can be off-putting. This process is ongoing and businesses’ goals are to keep consumers informed, helping them make more informed purchasing decisions. When customers feel as though they can trust a business, they in turn are loyal and more apt to make purchases.

In fact, some of the most profitable and long-standing business icons are using this revolutionary form of marketing to attract new customers and retain long-term clients. This includes Microsoft, P&G, John Deere, Cisco Systems and even Apple.

Spam marketing is ineffective, which is why companies should employ a specific content marketing plan that addresses delivering valuable information that stands out from the sea of useless information.

Content marketing is a multi-process endeavor that encompasses several types of advertising components:

Adaptivity Pro specializes in Utah web design. As an innovative, cutting-edge leader, they work with companies to create unique Utah SEO marketing campaigns, which include a designer SLC web design. With goals of helping increase revenues and drive customers to websites, they have an excellent reputation and have even helped increase companies’ lead generations, Google rankings and eCommerce revenues.


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