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Customer Engagement: Understanding What Draws Your Customer

You have built a website and have made your presence felt in your corner of the World Wide Web. As a result, traffic has increased in your website. But your job does not end there. You need to connect more closely to the reader and move him towards the end goal – becoming your customer. The step towards this conclusion is through customer engagement. This is the process of not just getting their attention, but their participation and eventually, their trust.

Here are a few things you need to consider about customer engagement:

–          The “What’s in it for me?” Principle. With the vast array of choices a reader has in terms of his source of online information and entertainment, why would he go to your website? Your website should provide a tangible service that will draw them to you. You can offer free gifts upon sign-up. You can hold a contest that keeps them connected with your social media. You can feature items that will not only interest them but also provide a solution for a particular problem that is related to your products. For instance, an educational website can offer free printable worksheets or a health-related website can offer a diet plan for those interested in losing weight.

–          Getting to know your existing customers. Your existing customers have already made the journey towards making a purchase of your product. Ideally, you should also have quick surveys at some points of the purchase process, near the end of the checkout or after the sale has been made. This can provide amazing insight as to how you can reach new customers. Take note, though, that surveys should be very short and sweet. Avoid asking all your questions at only one point.

–          Emotions and trust. To build trust and a solid relationship, you will need to connect with prospective customers at a deeper level. You need to move from the shallow “hi and hello” and actively respond to your potential customers’ needs and wants. Providing benefits (as stated in the first point) can help. You can also harness your content to tickle their funny bone or address an emotional need (i.e. winning at a certain aspect in life or giving encouragement and motivation). Providing content that reaches the emotions of your would-be customers can be obtained via a three-pronged approach. You can use a blog to be the centralized repository of the content, social media tools to increase content visibility and e-mail communications that point to your blog and social media content.

–          Wise us of Calls to Action. CTAs do not always have to be about selling. Used properly, this can get people to feel that they are involved in what is happening and to encourage them to stay tuned for the next developments or offers. These can be placed in the newsletter e-mailed to your list or in the each blog post. This keeps them continually engaged.

–          Deepen engagement. After you have reached your potential customers, you can now progressively increase the frequency of your contacts. The key is to seek to use the frequent contacts to provide a positive experience for your readers and customers.

–          Responsive design and mobile access. With tablets and smartphones, customers remain connected while on the go. Be sure to reach out, not just to customers using their laptops or desktops, but also with customers using portable devices. This means your website design has to be responsive for the sake of your mobile device users.

–          Measurement. You also need to regularly measure your efforts towards customer engagement to determine what works and what does not. You can measure engagement through surveys, repeated visits to the website, an improved quality of the e-mail list, active comments and involvement in message boards or the ratio of active customers versus active website readers. This will help in forging a stronger customer engagement strategy in the future.

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