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Dedicated Developers

Our dedicated developers specialize in creating custom solutions that work for your business.
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Dot Net Developers

Adaptivity Pro offers complete and custom ASP.Net development solutions. Microsoft originally developed ASP.Net. This open-source server-side web application framework makes it easy for Adaptivity Pro’s team to design and produce stunning web pages.

We also feature the Magento® ecommerce platform. The latest reports show that merchants using Magento® experience growth in their sales three times faster than other companies. It is the world’s leading ecommerce platform.

Our ultimate goal is to provide companies with a functional solution that is easy to use. Our .Net developers, designers and programmers are fluent in providing high-quality ASP.Net applications. We understand that every company’s needs are different, so we customize these applications to make them industry specific.

Our exceptional team makes sure that businesses receive the best quality solutions that are fully customizable. We stay up-to-date on the latest technologies and industry practices, which means that our products are better than the competition. Our comprehensive ASP.Net solutions support company’s growth and development. We combine cost-effective solutions with the latest web

We Offer Competitive Pricing – Adaptivity Pro understands budgets and the bottom line. We offer competitive pricing so companies can afford the best development solutions.

We Are Established – We are established in our field and have extensive experience working with a variety of businesses. We can determine the best practices and methods for creating dynamic solutions.

We Follow Standardized Development Processes – Because we follow standardized processes, we can provide companies with quality performance and execute projects promptly.

We Are Always Available – Our technical experts are always available to help companies boost productivity and answer any questions that may arise. We go the extra mile for our clients.

We offer the following ASP.Net Solutions:

  • Custom Website Development
  • Complete Migration Services
  • Software Development
  • Enterprise Development
  • Application Development
  • SharePoint Development
  • MVC3/MV4 Development
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM

iOS Apps

Adaptivity Pro has a team of knowledgeable and skilled developers that are dedicated to creating iPhone and iPad apps. Our team stays up-to-date on the latest app technology and trends.

Our developers allow you to be more productive as we specialize in Internet connectivity, infrastructure requirements, development centers and have the necessary resources to create amazing applications.

Our skilled iOS App Development Team offers:

No Extra or Hidden Costs – We bill what we quote.

Fixed Billing – We offer fixed monthly fees.

Progress Tracking – We provide progress on your app development. No longer will you need to feel left in the dark.

Daily Reports
We will provide you with daily reports.

You can interact directly with our developers.

You should hire Adaptivity Pro as a dedicated iOS application developer because we

  • Offer 50% cost savings with no hidden costs
  • Do not charge for replacement of resources
  • Give you full control over your project
  • Provide daily progress reports
  • Feature a flexible hiring model
  • Have the necessary expertise and experience to make sure that your application exceeds your expectations
  • Offer a single point of contact for all communication
  • Provide one week of knowledge transfer if your assigned developer leaves
  • Give you complete ownership and source code, which gives you intellectual property protection

Businesses that hire Dedicated Developers for iOS Apps will save 50% or more.

Adaptivity Pro’s designers’ expertise includes:

  • iPhone and iPad development
  • iOS 7, iOS 8, iOS 9 and iOS10 app development experience
  • Universal exposure to app designs
  • Apple Maps, Google Maps, Geo-location and GPS
  • Google+, Facebook Connect and other sign in mechanisms
  • Cocoa Touch and Xcode
  • Core Data and SQLite local storage
  • QR code scanning and SDK integration for barcode
  • XML and JSON
  • SWIFT-related expertise
  • Apple framework and media SDK
  • Camera SDK
  • In-app purchases
  • Integration of payment gateways
  • Integration of web services
  • Exposure to Near Field Communication
  • Development of app features based on proximity
  • Apple Push Notifications Service

We offer several app developer packages, which are easy to customize.

Small Projects

40 hours or on a weekly basis

Monthly Packages

This includes 176 hours, 20 FREE hours of creative work, 20 FREE hours of...

Quarterly Packages

We can create a custom package if you have a long-term vision.

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