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Designing a Website for Ease of Use, Some Tips

Whenever you are creating a new website, design and ease of use are essential. If the design is not functional and not easy enough to use, visitors will become easily impatient and will be discouraged from returning to your website. Here are a few Salt Lake City web design tips for making a website that is both attractive and simple to use.

  1. Use different colors. You can use colors to highlight certain sections of your website, like your navigation bar or any other page with specific information. A bold red or blue color, for example, will quickly compel a viewer’s eye. Choose appropriate colors that are not brash and unprofessional, and think about harmony. Over-using colors that are non-complementary will not create a pleasant viewing experience and can drive visitors away.
  2. Concentrate your design on the goal. An effective Utah web design will be complementary to the basic goals of the site. If the purpose of the site is to provide information, then your design should emphasize content matter and ease of navigation. If the purpose of the site is to sell a product, then your design should highlight product displays and make searching for products as simple as possible. Think about function; if, for example, your checkout process is particularly complicated, your prospective buyer may get frustrated and simply abandon the purchase. Designing your website with the right marketing features will help generate traffic and may increase your overall return on investment (ROI).
  3. Use a consistent design theme. A website with two much going on, with formatting and design style that changes from page to page, will look unprofessional and surely turn visitors away. Choose a consistent design across your website, no matter how little pages it may have. If your website does require different design elements, then think about how you can tie those elements together, so that there is still a commonality. A header or sidebar that remains the same on each page, for example, can help to make transitions between pages smoother. To avoid your visitors from having a discordant experience on your website, make transitions as smooth as possible.
  4. Choose simple buttons and links. Website buttons that are too big, flashing, strangely colored or oddly positioned can make for a very unpleasant user experience. Links that are much too long or multiple links that are side by side can be very distracting and confusing. Select simple button designs that are not too alternative or unusual, and limit linking to one or two words rather than an entire line or string of words.
  5. Provide a sitemap. A sitemap can be particularly useful, especially if the site is large with many pages. A sitemap provides new visitors with a straightforward snapshot view of all the pages and sections of your site, much like an index. Even familiar visitors to your website can benefit from a sitemap, allowing them to quickly notice new pages and sections of the site.
  6. Make sections of your site easily accessible. Make the links and pages on your website as clean and organized as possible. With a format that does not cause confusion, the sections of your site will be easier to access. On each page, keep a header, footer, or sidebar that always has the same links that lead to the main pages of your site, such as the home page or contact page. This format helps to make accessing your information clear and simple.

Designing a website that is both appealing and simple to use can be a challenge, but the outcomes are well worth the work you put in. With a useful SLC web design, you will generate more traffic, a higher ROI, and reap greater benefits from your marketing campaigns.

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