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“Detected New Page” Message from Google

A new Google Webmaster Tools alert appears to have more than a few webmasters perplexed. It’s called “Detected New Page” and its purpose is to warn webmasters that one URL has been replaced by another.

The trigger that causes this new alert to be sent out seems to be an occasion where a 301 or 302 redirect has been set up. A 301 redirect is often used for webpage redirection because it is search engine friendly. This is also one of the easiest methods of letting Google (and others) know that a webpage has been moved permanently. The 302 redirect translates to “moved temporarily”.

Google attempts to index pages using a filtering method that identifies duplicate content and removes it for a better user experience. Sometimes this happens inadvertently, such as an instance where a second set of identical content is created for the printer utility. Some web site owners purposely try to manipulate the SERP’s in order to achieve higher rankings. Google continuously works to uncover these types of schemes and make the appropriate adjustments.

In 2011, the Google Panda update dramatically changed the way duplicate content was handled. Now instead of filtering out the content or re-indexing it, Google penalizes the site by a drop in the page rankings. This action is causing webmasters to rethink their SEO practices. Now the experts seem to be moving toward taking whatever steps necessary to prevent or eliminate duplicate content so as not to be penalized for it.

The “Detected New Page” alert usually includes this message:

The URL is no longer appearing in Google search results because our algorithms have selected instead. Please see this Help Center article for more information about this message.

If all these changes seem confusing to you, then hire a pro to handle your website’s rankings and SEO. The team at Adaptivity Pro has been working for many years with clients all over the United States to assist them with all online marketing. Besides providing professional Utah SEO, Adaptivity Pro also provides UT web design. You get more out of your website with fewer headaches.

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