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Digital Marketing Stats That Can Help Your Business

Holidays are easily the biggest time of the year for retailers, both online and in brick and mortar shops around the world. Before planning holiday marketing campaigns for the year, it’s important for businesses to do their homework on exactly how to create an amazing digital campaign that is going to work in their favor.

Professional marketing companies will tell any business that Utah SEO is one of the most critical aspects to any campaign. After all, you want your business to be the first thing that consumers see when searching for your product and service on search engines. For some statistics that can help you this holiday season, see below.

Your consumers are going online first. Research shows that nearly 80% of consumers start their buying process by doing an online search, usually using a search engine. They go online, type in a keyword and see what pops up before heading to a store or site to purchase. Take advantage of this by making sure your keyword game is strong on your site and your content.

Your consumers are changing their minds. Often. Three-fourths of shoppers researched showed that when shopping for a particular item or service, a quick search on their computers or smartphones is causing them to change their mind about the retailer or product they originally had in mind. Use this to your advantage by making sure your site is up-to-date, focused on the products you are pushing and competitive in pricing. You can also throw a few holiday incentives in there as well such as free shipping to entice new customers to choose you.

Your consumers are not interested in reading long text. It’s no secret that videos are one of the hottest items used in Salt Lake City web design these days, as nearly 68% of people would rather watch a short video with engaging content when deciding on a product than read a lengthy and technical product description. Take advantage of this by adding video content to your site before the holidays to explain products, reveal promotions or do side-by-side comparisons to competitors.

Your consumers are not waiting for your site to load. While other companies are focusing solely on content, the smart business is also focusing on the technicalities of their site as well. Statistically, conversion rates drop a whopping 20% for every second your mobile page is delayed. That means people aren’t going to put up with lag times and will move on quickly. Before focusing on your holiday campaign this year, make sure your mobile and website are up to snuff and fix any bugs that could kill your sales before they’re even looking.


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