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Don’t Make These SEO Boo-boos!

As Albert Einstein so wisely said, “Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results.”  Below are some of the common mistakes made with regards to a website’s search engine optimization. Indeed, people keep doing these mistakes and expect the results to be different.

Stop the insanity! Here are some SEO mistakes to avoid:

–          Overusing the same anchor text. Using an effective anchor text for more times than its fair share for backlinks will render it ineffective. For one, using the same phrases over and over again can make the content seem stilted and forced. Use a wider range of keywords for a more natural flow. This also prevents Google from penalizing you for over-optimizing anchor texts. As a general rule of thumb, 20% of backlinks should use rich anchor texts and 80% should bear the company or brand name. Even when using your brand name, use several variations.

–          Relying on one source of traffic. That’s like putting all your eggs in one basket. As with investments, you should also diversify these sources of traffic. You should have a plan that specifically targets traffic using various sources, including your social media accounts, advertising and industry directories. Then, you should take the next step further and analyze the numbers to see which source is most effective and which ones need improvement.

–          Forgetting about optimizing your website images. Search engines are “blind” to images. You need to include a descriptive name, alt tags and text descriptions to images so that search engines can “see” them. When optimizing the images used in your blog or website, use the same keywords for the description and caption, as well as the image title and alt tags.

–          Having bad or stuffed content. Even if your website is mostly for videos, podcasts or other media, it still pays to include good content. By good, we mean content that is relevant and interesting to your readers. In addition, you should have fresh and regularly updated content, ensuring that there are no duplicates and all pages are unique content-wise. This does not just go for the internal content, but also title tags and meta descriptions. Build a relationship by being informative and having an understanding of what informs or entertains your readers. This will help you establish trust in your brand and this trusted voice can be helpful in influencing your readers.

–          Concentrating only on the homepage for your links. As much as possible, link with various pages in your website not just with your homepage. As you strengthen each page, you build up the website as a whole.

–          Annoying your readers. There are some things that readers love to hate. Seeing these things increase the possibility of them hitting the “back” or “close” button. Some of the readers’ pet peeves include: slow loading pages, having too many ads and having a complicated and hard-to-navigate website structure. Design your website for your readers.

–          Basing SEO success only on rankings. SEO involves more aspects, not just rankings. Other metrics to consider include reader engagement, bounce rate, conversions (including those resulting from non-branded searches or those from non-paid traffic).

–          Building too many backlinks, too soon. Here, quality, rather than quantity, is important. Look to link with a popular and respected domain rather than with low quality ones. If you add a lot of backlinks very quickly, you run the risk of being penalized.

–          Failing to maintain the website and review your SEO strategy. Search engine rules are always evolving and you need to regularly keep up with these changes to remain competitive. 404 pages are also annoying for readers and negatively affect your credibility. In addition, you also need to regularly check your backlinks to see whether they are still working.

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