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E-Commerce Website SEO Errors You Need to Avoid

Search engine optimization for e-commerce websites is not simply about having an extensive list of products. Yes, you can achieve a certain level of traffic coming from search engine results. However, you may unknowingly be cannibalizing or decreasing your search result rankings by a number of common but critical errors.

Now, let’s identify these errors so we can know how to steer clear of them. Here they are:

Now, if creating unique content for the thousands of products is too much and you are forced to copy content from the manufacturers, you can place a NO INDEX meta tag on the pages that have copied content.


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Want to know more about SEO mistakes that you should avoid in your e-commerce website? Take it from the Utah SEO specialists: Adaptivity Pro! With our team of SEO analysts and strategists, we can work with you to craft an E-commerce SEO strategy that gets you the results you want. Aside from this, Adaptivity Pro also offers a wide range of Internet-based services, including SLC Web Design, Pay Per Click Marketing, Social Media Management and Web Programming.