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E-commerce Websites

Selling Online should be Easy

If you have a great product that people need, the fastest method to start making a profit on it is to sell it online to a global marketplace.  It’s very important to be able to focus on other important aspects of your business while your website attracts shoppers and processes orders seamlessly in your behalf.

Key Features of Custom E-commerce Websites

Custom E-commerce Websites

There are many pre-packaged e-commerce solutions to choose from if you have simple needs.  However if you have a detailed ordering process that offers more than the basics you will need a custom e-commerce website.  Some examples may be a commuter rail ticketing system, a vinyl lettering or custom label e-commerce website, or a service request e-commerce site.  If you have specific needs for your e-commerce system contact a website development firm to walk you through the steps to find out how to implement a successful e-commerce platform.

E-commerce Marketing

You will want to make sure your e-commerce store takes into consideration online marketing and conversion.  It will need to be easy to find by your potential buyers as well as encourage them to make a purchase once they do find your website.  Here are some key strategies to consider:

Attract Customers to your Website

You should ensure the e-commerce solution you select is seo-friendly and at a minimum that it has proper url structure, title tags, and meta description tags.  Some advanced e-commerce website marketing strategies may include ppc advertising, contextual link ads, blog marketing, viral or social media marketing, email marketing, and traditional offline marketing strategies.

Encourage Website Visitors to Make a Purchase

Your staff should be trained on how to enter proper titles and descriptions for your products that will encourage people to buy from your website.  You should verify that your checkout process is easy to navigate.  You should offer multiple online payment options, include privacy policies when the user enters in their contact information, include SSL security certificates when they enter their credit card number, and let the user know what step they are on in the checkout process.  Make sure you have a clear and simple navigation system, include call-to-action items prominently on all pages, and links to other pages with more in-depth information on summary webpages.  There are many other usability and information architecture items to address for e-commerce websites, utilize the services of a web expert so you don’t have to go back and make changes later.