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Email Marketing Guide

Email marketing is the most important communication tool in business today.

Why is Email So Powerful?

Because it is used to send:

Use Mailchimp

A Comprehensive Custom Email Marketing Platform

MessageMaker™ helps design, deliver, analyze and automate electronic communications – including email, web, mobile, voice and fax messaging – all from a single, web-based platform. This multichannel application is fast to deploy, delivers immediate results and requires minimal upfront investment.

Mailchimp is a flexible program that can easily be adapted or scaled to meet your electronic communication needs. It is a robust campaign management platform with full personalization, segmentation and dynamic content capabilities. Adaptivity Pro compliments Mailchimp with a team of award-winning professionals in strategy, design, and web development to guide businesses down the path of success in multi-channel communications.

Email Strategies for Marketing

You can use Mailchimp to engage your prospects and customers in highly relevant dialogs that lead to new sales and expanded relationships. Mailchimp interfaces with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, websites and databases to provide lifecycle messaging with automated, continuous, interactive and highly personalized dialogs across all communication channels. Manage relationships and start new ones with personalized yet cost-effective marketing messages that are timely and relevant.

“The MessageMaker™ tool, combined with the training and services we receive from Twelve Horses, is helping us enhance our marketing effectiveness and reduce our costs.”

– Seattle Pacific University

Email Strategies for Sales

Mailchimp will give your sales team the ability to easily and inexpensively get your message to a large group, then quickly hone in on a tighter group of prospects. Your sales team can use Mailchimp to organize all sales correspondence, collateral and customer messages in an easy-to-use catalog that sales representatives and channel partners can conveniently access. Even more powerful, you can deliver automated alerts and notifications via email or text messaging when a prospect opens an email, downloads information from the website, or reads an electronic attachment. With automated alerts, sales staff can improve customer acquisition programs, create a strategic selling advantage over the competition and develop a sales opportunity almost overnight.

Email Strategies for Customer Service

It is imperative to maintain smooth communication channels in order to uphold your customer satisfaction and company reputation. In exchange relationships are improved and satisfied clients, employees, and investors are retained. Mailchimp dramatically improves customer service by allowing businesses to track your customer’s likes and dislikes, quickly address common questions and customer issues with automated responses, and streamline training, education and support. The ability to quickly address common questions and customer issues further cultivates relationships and will enhance your brand’s reputation.

Email Strategies for Business Processes

Mailchimp solves every day business process issues and streamlines important internal communication such as communicating a change in healthcare benefits, payroll updates and registration of expense reports. There are many other uses such as debt collection, human resource functions and data gathering. Overall, business process automation can reduce operating expenses, as well as improve company communication and organizational channels.

Mailchimp gives businesses insight into their contacts’ needs and interests to improve communication. Drive revenue, reduce cost and improve efficiency by automating continuous, interactive and highly personalized communications across multiple channels throughout the lifecycle of customer relationships.

Adaptivity Pro is located in Salt Lake City Utah and provides email marketing services to many customers.