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Embracing Mobile Web Designs

As mobile purchases continually increase, it’s important that companies embrace mobile-friendly web designs. Statistics estimate that nearly eight- to 15-percent of traffic is from Smartphone or tablet devices.

Websites that don’t conform to mobile-friendly designs offer users poor experiencea, which can ultimately lead to companies missing out on valuable web leads. In fact, sites that don’t feature mobile-friendly designs also fair poorer in mobile search results. Instead of creating a new website that is mobile friendly, it’s more cost effective for companies to use responsible web designs that are optimized for both traditional and mobile devices.

Responsive web designs send HTML code to all portable devices and CSS coding allows page renderings to differ based on portable display sizes. These accommodations are instantly made, without users having to change URLs.

An additional benefit of responsive web designs is that they are more SEO friendly. Sites that are not mobile-friendly experience higher bounce rates. Users don’t enjoy user non-friendly mobile designs, as they require more scrolling and generally result in poor user experiences.

Having a separate mobile site means that companies have to optimize each site; where as, responsive designs are automatically optimized across several platforms. Responsive designs help boost mobile user conversion rates.

An important component for businesses are capturing all leads, which means that more companies need to embrace responsible, mobile-friendly web designs. Responsive web designs are extremely cost effective, as they allow companies to focus on the creation of a single website, instead of desktop, tablet and Smartphone versions. There are several analytics tools available to help determine the rates of mobile audience conversions, which can help retailers to determine if current designs and keyword trends are effective or need to be updated.

Companies that are considering embracing mobile web designs should instead opt for cost-efficient responsive designs. These are great alternatives for testing mobile marketing and appealing to wider audience bases, especially younger audiences that primarily uses mobile devices for online shopping.

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