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Embracing the Latest Web Design Trends

Adaptivity Pro, an innovative leader in Utah web design, embraces the latest SLC web design trends that are dominating the current market. If businesses have not already incorporated these web design trends, they may want to consider contacting Adaptivity Pro for SLC web design quotes, in addition to comprehensive Utah SEO content.

More businesses are embracing the following trends this year:

  1. Layouts – Having a responsive website layout that is not only computer friendly, but also easy to use on tablets and Smartphones is a must! Statistics show that nearly 84-percent of Smartphone users use their phones to browse the Internet. This means that more people are shopping on the go and need websites that load fast, are user friendly and easy to search.
  2. Minimalist – The minimalist trend is growing. Instead of having a landing page that overwhelms visitors, consider opting for a streamline design that is uncomplicated and embraces the “less is more” concept.
  3. Infinite Scrolling – With a focus on usability, today’s websites are embracing the infinite scrolling trend. Long gone are the days when consumers had to constantly “reload” pages. Today’s technology embraces the infinite loading concept, where websites continuously upload without consumers experiencing any lags or downtime.
  4. Typography – Mixing and keeping web fonts consistent is key to appealing to visitors. Easy to read font combinations are receiving excellent responses. These help companies look modern, innovative and professional.
  5. Bold – Whether it’s makeup, fashion or web design, the latest colors are bold and bright. This is a great way for businesses to prove they’re not invisible. Bright colors give visitors a stunning visual indication that products are new and innovative, helping capture audience’s attention.
  6. Single Page – Opting for single pages that don’t require additional pages to load is the latest trend, as they are user-friendlier. However, if a company has hundreds of products and massive content, it’s best to avoid this method.
  7. Fixed Header – Using CSS, companies can utilize fixed header options. This makes it easy for users to quickly navigate websites, saving time, as they don’t have to scroll to the top.

It’s important for businesses to embrace change and adapt to the latest marking techniques. This ensures that companies stay fresh, innovative and in the public eye.

In a competitive world where web users can simply backtrack and look at the next search engine option, it’s vital companies maintain users’ attentions and interests. By incorporating the aforementioned web design trends, companies can ensure they are embracing modern marketing trends, which paves an excellent future path for growth and innovation.


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