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Exploring the Basics of Mobile SEO

What can be more convenient? You are driving and feel like eating doughnuts. While the stoplight is red, you enter the search words “glazed doughnuts store”. In some instances, you can even perform the search by calling out the keywords. In a little while, you’ll be cruising to your selected doughnuts store and will soon be driving off with those coveted glazed doughnuts.

More and more people are doing their searches this way. Often, they may search for a store or a product while they are on the way to completing the purchase.  As more users turn to mobile devices and smartphones to perform web-based transactions, including searches, businesses need to also evolve and adjust to increase their presence in the mobile search arena.

Interestingly, there will be a change in how Search Engine Optimization works. What used to be effective for traditional SEO (with websites that were accessed through desktops) may not necessarily work for mobile SEO.

Here are some things to take into consideration when it comes to mobile SEO:

Start Implementing Mobile SEO Strategies for your Website

Adaptivity Pro offers expertise, experience and insights on the latest trends on mobile SEO. We can help you catch the mobile SEO wave by implementing sound Utah web design and SEO principles, as well as in providing you with the tools to help you increase your traffic with mobile users. Adaptivity Pro also has a team of Utah SEO and internet marketing specialists, including copywriters, artists, web programmers and designers.


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