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Facts About URL’s

URL stands for “Uniform Resource Locator” and this is a method of identifying a web site and page for both visitors and search engines. The URL of any web page should be descriptive and brief.

URL’s should be as easy for human visitors to understand as search engines. Most sites these days have multiple pages with the home page URL simply identified by the site name. As you add pages to the site, they should briefly describe each page.

For example, web site structure includes multiple levels of files and navigation. Folders and sub-folders can be called by simple names that quickly tell a visitor what to expect. When you see this URL:

You can easily tell that this URL points to an About Us page on the Adaptivity Pro website. Besides being clear and easy to understand, a URL should always be shorter than 2083 characters. This is a requirement for Internet Explorer. Hyphens should be used to separate words in a URL.

It is highly recommended that a URL use words whenever possible to indicate what it is. The human visitors as well as search engines prefer that practice over the use of a string of numbers to indicate a location or substance. You can quickly see from the example below how much easier one URL is to read and understand than the other:

The first one is simple and to the point but you would need to click on the second one in order to see what the URL points to.

Rank Higher

Pages that use URLs with keywords often rank higher. When a Google Bot crawls the Adaptivity Pro page, it examines the content on the page to see if this content and URL, meta description and meta titles all match. If they do, then the page can often rank well. For great search engine rankings, it’s important that all on-page SEO factors align.

Adaptivity Pro is a professional Utah SEO specialist that assists businesses by optimizing content and all on-page SEO factors to help your site rank higher.  With excellent, well-written meta titles and descriptions, you can be ahead of the competition. AdaptivityPro also works with businesses who are looking for any type of internet marketing such as PPC.  Looking for a high end web site? We are a number one UT web design firm and we let you choose the level of service that best suits your business.

For years, Adaptivity Pro has been helping companies to increase their sales with exceptional web sites that are expertly maintained with fresh content.Our sites often appear on the first page of SERP’s and we understand the principals involved in attaining that number one position. For professional Salt Lake City search engine optimization, choose Adaptivity Pro.

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