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Find the Right Social Media Influencers for Your Business

In the cluttered chaos of Internet marketing, a pretty ad is often scrolled by and ignored. Reviews are read and respected but often forgotten. The latest means to sell a business’s product or service is a clever combination of the two, social media influencing.

A social media influencer is a person who simply influences others through social media. They typically have a large following for their social media posts. The Internet has given rise to a new type of reality stars. Ordinary people become famous on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook by sharing their lives and opinions to their followers.  Learn how to find just the right people to get your message out quickly and effectively by evaluating them with these three steps.

Realm. Is their audience your audience? Does this social media personality look, act and speak like your customers? Are their followers your ideal clients? Your influencer will directly represent your brand to others. Entrust this responsibility wisely. It helps to list characteristics you feel would match your brand beforehand and weed through the jungle of social media with this list in mind.

Reach. How many people do these particular social media personalities reach daily? A big number isn’t always better. For instance, if an influencer has large numbers following their account but small numbers interacting, their reach isn’t as wide as it should be. Skilled influencers have roughly an equal ratio of people following and people interacting with comments, likes and shares. You want them to have followers who pay attention and who value what the social media personality has to say. You want the message to stick.

Relationship. How does the influencer interact with their followers? Do they reply to questions quickly and kindly? Do they have positive interactions both on and off social media? It is very important to find social media personalities who have a sincere, warm relationship with their audience because the audience expects the influencer to provide content which is both relevant and authentic. The relationship is what you will capitalize on as a business owner. The relationship will sell your products.

As you’ve learned in the paragraphs above, choosing the right social media influencers is an important and beneficial step in your business marketing plans. Consider outsourcing all of these tasks to a proven leader in Utah web design and SEO, AdaptivityPro. Their skilled team of experts in Salt Lake City web design will ensure social media marketing is reaching and impacting every current and potential customer possible.


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