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Five Creative Ideas for an Easter Campaign

Easter is a holiday celebrated around the world, and with that comes a large boom in sales for both online sites and brick and mortar stores alike. You may think that Easter is a great time for the candy companies and toy stores, but anyone can take advantage of the Easter holiday with the right marketing strategy.

If you are looking for some creative ways to do an Easter marketing campaign, see below for some egg-cellent marketing strategies.

Have a promotion-filled Easter egg hunt at your store. If you want to bring consumers to your storefront, a traditional Easter egg hunt is a great way to hold a one-day event to boost your sales. Instead of using candy and toys, however, fill your Easter eggs with promotions such as percentages off, free merchandise, or free consultations. If you really want to draw a crowd, advertise one “golden” egg that contains a grand prize worth making the drive.

For a digital campaign, plant “Easter eggs” in your social media pictures and videos. Provide clues as to what will enter the consumer to win the giveaway and draw a winner at random from the list of people who guess the correct answer. Salt Lake City SEO specialists can tell you social media is the best way to drive your numbers up on search engine sites and gain organic traffic to your website. You can choose to have a different giveaway each day or pick one day a week to be entered to win.

Get rid of slow-selling stock with bundles. If you have a few inexpensive products that just aren’t performing this time of year (or any), then try selling them as a bundle during an Easter promotion for a lower price combined. You’ll be able to entice your customers into buying up all of your unwanted stock while turning a small profit.

Get charitable. A great way to show your community spirit while promoting your store is to hold a charity drive for everything from clothing to canned goods during the Easter season. Easter is often seen as a charitable time of year for many, so it’s a great time get your customers motivated to give by allowing a discount for a canned good or group of canned goods or clothing.

Get the bunny. The Easter bunny is a popular figure for most kids, so offering a chance to meet the bunny himself is a great way to get the whole family down to the store, whether you sell items for children or not. Book your bunny early and spend the month before Easter promoting that your customers can get a free photograph with the bunny on a certain day or days when they stop by the store. Customers will go to have their picture taken, and stay to browse around.


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