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Five Fall Volunteer Opportunities for Your Business

Volunteering is one of the best marketing strategies that any business can take part in. Any marketing company that specializes in Salt Lake City SEO, or search engine optimization, can tell you that showing the caring side of your company is a great way to build a loyal following.

For some great tips on volunteer opportunities to try this fall, see below for some excellent seasonal ideas.

Bring the fun of fall to your local seniors. Often, activity directors at retirement or assisted living facilities rely on the kindness of businesses to help keep the social lives of their residents active. If a senior citizen is not able to go out and enjoy some of the best fall activities, now is a great time to bring these treasured things to them. Host a Halloween party, a tailgating affair for the local sports team or just a fun fall festival with age-appropriate games and contests right in their own backyard.

Organize a community yard clean up. If you are part of a large section of retail stores, ask your neighbors to get together one day for some light landscaping to keep the area looking great. You can also volunteer your employees to help rake leaves or trim bushes at your local small church or community center, who may not be able to afford to hire a professional.

Throw a fundraiser. With kids going back to school, now is the perfect time to drum up business by offering to sponsor a fundraiser for the local schools. You can be part of a coupon book, or simply offer a discount in exchange for a donation to the school. You can also just collect donations in your store, or offer to carry tickets for sales to an event the school is putting on in the fall. By helping out local schools, you are telling your customers you care about your community, and want to help children achieve the best education they can.

Collect for your local food bank. Thanksgiving is one of the major holidays during the fall season, and often underprivileged families or individuals do not have enough to eat. Food banks help to soften this shortage with whatever they can, or soup kitchens may be able to offer a few more warm meals if they are given the right supplies or enough donations. Collect canned goods at your store, or spend one Saturday a month serving meals with a smile.

Offer a safe space for Halloween. If you live in a community that has a higher crime rate, or simply want to give families one more place to safely show off costumes, offer a safe space for Halloween. Get with other local businesses in the area to have a trail for trick-or-treaters to follow, and offer fun games, well-lit areas and healthy snack with candy treats or policy protection in a safe street.

Be sure to get a Utah web design company to advertise all of your volunteer opportunities on your site or your social media in order to draw in the biggest crowds and really make a difference.


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