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Five Great Thanksgiving Marketing Campaigns

Thanksgiving is one of the greatest weekends in retail every year. It’s no secret that Black Friday is when the shoppers come in droves to score deals on the hottest items and services, and if you want to stand out this year, you need a great marketing campaign to help get you there.

If you are looking for some great marketing campaigns to drive up your Utah SEO before the holidays, see below for some tips.

Increase engagement with social media stories. Instagram is the perfect platform to build quick, engaging content that tells a story about your business or gathers information about your followers and customers. You can feature testimonials, promotional contests or even polls to get your consumers interested in your company well before the holidays.

Run the long game. Beginning in early November, offer a contest that runs the entire length of the month to gather more information. In exchange for an email sign up or contest submission that can be published on the landing page of your site, offer a promotional percentage off and an entry into a larger prize. Have the users do the viral work for you by encouraging a voting process or by allowing multiple entries for shares.

Make limited-time customization. If you are offering a product that can be given as a gift, offer free customization as a holiday promotion. When people are looking for thoughtful gifts, often they want something useful but personalized to make it stand out as something they chose with care, not as a last minute idea. By promoting this heavily on social media and other digital platforms, you can not only run an engaging campaign but also provide a great gift idea for those that are searching early.

Offer a treat in exchange for seemingly useless information. Quizzes that give results based on simple personality questions can be entertaining for users, and provide them with the result that they can use. It can be anything from offering a recipe you know they will love to telling them if they’ve been “naughty or nice.” In completing the quiz, you’ll be gathering invaluable information about your consumers that you can use to improveyour marketing and SLC web design to make it more user-friendly.

Encourage a viral hashtag. Hashtags are some of the easiest ways to drive people back to your conversations, and the holidays are the best time of year to create a unique one that will bring focus to your campaign. The best way to deliver brand loyalty and help your community is to create a hashtag that also accompanies a task, such as donating canned foods or doing a random act of kindness or thanks. Use this time of generosity to show your company’s giving side, and encourage your customers to do the same while promoting your business.


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