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Five of the Hottest Jobs in Marketing for 2018

Marketing is always going to be a key component to the success of any business. Without marketing, a company would never be able to build a solid customer base or customer loyalty, as well as get the word out about new improved products or services.

There are many aspects to the digital marketing world, and if you are interested in the exciting element of business, see below for some of the hottest jobs available for 2018.

Content manager. When studying one of the most powerful group of growing consumers – millennials – it was observed that having engaging content on websites and social media is what draws in a customer and makes a store site stand out more than others. Having product information or customer service isn’t enough to hook these consumers, so being a content manager is a crucial role. A content manager directs writers and chooses engaging text and video content to include when designing a website or social media following.

SEO specialists. Utah SEO, or search engine optimization, is a general term used to define a company or person that specializes in improving organic traffic to a certain site using specialized marketing strategies. It’s a difficult field to master, but if you can become familiar with search engine algorithms, as well as keep up with modern marketing trends, an SEO specialist can help to improve business’s loyalty significantly. These jobs are not only important but especially necessary for an e-commerce business.

Email Marketers. Email is the preferred method of contact for most people as well as businesses. An email marketer must not only have excellent marketing and public relation skills but be a proficient writer as well. Writing for the digital world needs to be concise, user-friendly and attention-grabbing. An email specialist would be in charge of sending business newsletters, as well as promotions, event notices and fielding newsletter sign-ups.

Analysts. Even with the best-laid marketing strategies, things may not go as planned or may miss the mark completely. Analysts are people usually with computer science backgrounds that can take the data that is created by your marketing strategy, SLC website design and social media, and give a complete report on what is working and what is not. These can be crucial when deciding to do design overhauls, or when changing important aspects of the company.

Marketing Directors. Marketing directors are those that are in charge of the whole picture of the business. They are generally the ones to meet with potential clients to talk about goals and visions, as well as help to develop an overall plan on how to improve marketing for that company. They work closely with content managers, graphic designers and web designers to design a specific type of branding for the business, and then delegate those tasks to make a cohesive vision for the company.


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