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Five Reasons to Be Thankful for Modern Marketing

November is the month to show our gratitude for all things big or small. In business, one of the best things to be thankful for is a spike in sales, which can be attributed to the wonders of modern marketing practices that are designed to bring consumers to your site and keep them coming back for more.

Marketing hasn’t always been as effective and easy to take advantage of as it is now, so this month is the time to be grateful for the digital tactics that are improving your Utah search engine optimization and bringing in more organic traffic. See below for some ways modern marketing has improved our company lives.

It’s less expensive, and more effective. Direct mailers and expensive television ads are slowly becoming less focused on as the world of digital media turns more towards SLC website design and social media content. Social media is particularly budget- friendly, as it’s free to all that want to use it, and can be a very effective tool when trying to reach a target audience.

It connects your customers. Branding now encompasses more than just the product or service. Content marketing includes everything from introducing company employees to sharing community outreach programs that the company is involved in. The more a company is humanized, the more likely it is to gain customer loyalty as consumers really like to feel connected to a brand.

It’s a fair game for any budget. Local advertising on social media or websites can be just as effective for a small business as a national campaign can be for large corporation. There’s no longer the need to dish out large amounts of cash just to be heard within a community, so small businesses are really able to join in on the fight to compete. This evens the playing field and creates less of a monopoly on products and services, which trickles down to savings for the consumer.

It weeds out the spam. Customers, especially the millennial generation, can tell when a company is only interested in selling them a product. Websites that offer more engaging content like blogs and videos are twice as likely to keep customers over those who do not. A modern marketing team will be more interested in keeping their website and social media engaging, relevant and fresh for their consumers, as well as doing their research on what your consumers are really interested in from your company.

It works. The rate on investment from companies that apply modern marketing techniques is nearly 13 times better than companies still relying on the old ways. The reason for this is that consumers are doing their research, and are more likely to know all about the company and their products or services before they ever invest in a product. Reviews say a lot about a company, so it’s important to keep your customer service top of your game, and include as much information on your site as possible.


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