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Five Tips for Creating Your Brand

When starting a new advertising strategy, one of the most important aspects that needs focus is brand recognizability. It’s not enough to have a killer reputation or large social media presence. To attract new consumers, it’s important to create a certain look and feel to your product or service that is easily recognizable.

SLC web design companies can assist in helping you to create a brand for your business that will help make you stand out from the competition. If you are looking for some great tips on creating your brand, see below.

Know your audience. Whether you are building from the ground up, or just updating an old look, it’s important to know exactly who you will be targeting. Do your research, and keep it thorough. Discovering the people that you want to interact with will help you to determine precisely how you want to communicate with them, and what they will find valuable about your company. This may be the hardest and most time-consuming step, but it’s a step worth taking.

Know what you are up against. In every industry, there’s going to be a competitor or several. To create a brand that will make you stand out, you must study the existing brands surrounding the similar products or services. Study colors, fonts and how simplistic or complicated their main advertising and logos are, and take that as an opportunity to create something unique.

Create a logo. The logo of your company is going to be most recognizable symbol of your brand. Salt Lake City SEO’s use logos in almost all of their designs to tie their advertising work to your company specifically. Keep in mind what you sell or offer, and create something simple and recognizable that makes sense for your product, such as a deer for a hunting site or a fish for an aquatics gear store.

Use color wisely. Psychology plays a large part in marketing, and colors can make a more significant influence on your customers than you may realize. Blues and greens tie well with calming ideas such as spas or nature resorts, whereas reds and blacks can create a sense of power for products such as machines. Choose colors that compliment each other, and don’t use too many for the sake of making your logo easily transferable to several different medias.

Use minimal typography styles throughout your brand. Sticking to no more than three to five different fonts when creating your advertising will help create a cohesive look, and keep your ads from becoming too busy. When choosing a font, choose one recognizable selection for your logo, and remain in the same family when adding text to everything on your site from blog posts to captions and headlines. The same principle applies to social media posts, as this is a vital part of your advertising as well.


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