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Five Ways to Get Your Customer to Love Your Business

Having an amazing product is an excellent start to building your business customer base, but a great company knows that it takes more than that to make a consumer fall in love with your company.

Service providers and consumers must have a relationship to build trust and loyalty, so if you are looking for ways to grow your customer base, see below for some fantastic tips.

Make your website rewarding. The first place a new consumer is going to look into your product is going to be your website. Any Utah web design company will stress the importance of making your site well organized, easy to navigate and full of engaging content to bring your customer in. Include things such as product reviews, videos, blogs and promotions to make your site an appealing and rewarding place to look.

Use giveaways to promote your product. Social media has become the front lines of advertising for most companies. Every business has a page to post short, engaging content that can be liked and shared to have the work done for them. If you really want your business posts to go viral, Salt Lake City SEOs recommend giveaways as a way to reward your customer for promoting your business to their social media universe.

Welcome feedback, and respond to it. Using social media again, be sure to have someone who is on hand to answer questions or concerns posted to your page by your customers. The best reputations of companies come from those who take the time to listen to their customers, respond and make the issue right again in a short period. A quick turnaround on returns or problems is key to impressing your base and having them tell all of their friends about their great experience.

Keep everyone informed. Use press releases or social media posts to inform your consumers about changes to the company – good or bad. By keeping everyone in the loop with the ongoing process of your business, you will establish trust with not only your investors but your customers as well. An open company is a trustworthy company, who is willing to share not only successes but troubling details as well.

Give back to your community. For large scale and smaller local businesses alike, giving back is one of the best ways to build an amazingly loyal customer base. It can be anything from changing company policies for the benefit of employees, to participating in local charity events or holding your own. Establishing a foundation where a percentage of your profits will go to help your local community is a great way to give back without having to hold a public event consistently. These good deeds will benefit everyone, as it will drive more customers to support your business and in turn, create more profits in which to give back.


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