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Five Ways to Ring in the New Year with Marketing

While it is well known that the holidays are one of the most lucrative times for many businesses, sales tend to take a steep decline when the new year rolls around. Most consumers are exhausted physically, mentally or even financially, and this affects the first few months of the new year.

So how does a business keep their numbers up during this post-holiday droop? There are several great marketing tips out there to take advantage of the new year, and the new hope that accompanies it. See below for some helpful tricks on how to boost your sales this new year.

Keep the discounts going. If you want to do a new year boost for sales, offering a special promotion right after the holidays is the best way to keep sales coming in. Promote the product during the holidays, and mention that the sale will start immediately following the rush of the season. Often smart consumers will wait for these sales to purchase items they wanted to get anyway or were hoping to receive as gifts – but didn’t.

Run a social media contest. Social media is one the fastest growing forms of marketing, as any Utah SEO will tell you. To optimize the interest, run a promotion with a giveaway for something in return. Ask for their favorite inspirational quote or their New Year’s resolution. Then ask them to share the post for help getting your content to go viral. The benefit of this marketing, plus the sales that will result from it will far outweigh the cost of the prize you have designated to the winner.

Introduce new products with engaging content. UT Website design experts all agree that the best way to bring consumers to your website is with engaging content such as blogs or videos. The new year is a perfect time to introduce new products to your line, either with blogs explaining the benefits or with videos demonstrating the use of the new line. This is also the best way to give a refresher on your best sellers, and why they have been dependable for consumers in the past.

Take advantage of this time to collect feedback from consumers. Asking your customers to fill out a short survey to help you start your new year off right will show them that you care about improving their experiences. If you want to get as much feedback as possible, offer a small discount in return for filling out the survey or becoming a part of the email list.

Run a countdown promotion to increase sales for a long period of time. Everyone is familiar with the New Year’s ball drop, so why not run ten days of deals to have your own countdown? Offering a different promotion for a limited time each day will give a sense of urgency to your consumers, and create a fun way to introduce each of your products.


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