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Five Web Design Mistakes You May Be Making

A business website is one of the most crucial parts of a company in this digital age. Even the most well-intentioned designs can go awry if you are making some very common mistakes that businesses often make when designing their sites.

If you are guilty of any of these fatal mistakes, it’s time to hire a Utah web design company that can make everything on your site engaging, cohesive, easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Your site is too hard to read. Studies have shown that you have mere seconds to grab a person’s attention on your site before they move on. If you are overcrowding your site with text and pictures with captions in too small of a font, your readers will get tired of trying to see your words before they get a chance to really read them. Start with larger fonts, and add engaging content, attention-grabbing headlines and video content to give your customers a break from the text.

Overusing sliders. Sliders are a term used for using slideshows in your website to showcase more information on one page. However, if you are using sliders, your customers may be missing important information that you want to share, even if you’ve made it a point to emphasize it. Sliders are a popular trend in design these days, but you want to reconsider using them.

Too long of text. There’s a reason that quick blurbs of text such as Twitter are so popular. Believe it or not, there are studies that show that “optimal line length” for a site is anywhere between 50 and 75 characters. If your text lines are too long for captions or headlines, then your readers will lose interest, and if they are too short you may not get the information that needs to come across in the line. Staying in the optimal line length is a great way to keep your readers engaged.

Trying to “reinvent the wheel.” Common design principles are common for a reason. If you are trying to make a unique site, there are other ways to do so without breaking the rules of design that have worked for years. Include common features like contact information, about the company page, menus and logos in their rightful places in the corners, so your customers don’t feel frustrated or lost when navigating your site.

Using low-contrast colors for text. Even if your font is as large as you can possibly make it, it won’t make much of a difference if it can’t be read through the color contrast. When you are designing your site, it’s best to stick to high contrast color schemes that will make your text easy to read.


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