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Gaining Ground with Local Search Results

Who says going local does not have its own benefits? If you are a business has a specific location (rather than an online store) or have several branches in various areas, you need to go local with your SEO efforts.

Of course, you can craft an SEO strategy that widens your reach in the national (and even global!) market, but this will not mean anything if local customers do not find you when they are in search of a product they provide. For instance, you are a Chinese restaurant with a popular blog. You can get a lot of PR mileage with high Google rankings. However, someone with a mobile phone is hungry and considering where to go for lunch. So he searches through his smartphone for popular Chinese restaurants in his vicinity. You are nowhere near the top of the list. Chances are, he will go to the nearby restaurant that also figures prominently in his search results.

Why do local SEO?

A Google study indicates that 50% of customers who searched for a local business made a visit within the day of the search. This means that if a potential customer can easily find you through their mobile device, this will most likely translate into a sale or, at least, a strong lead. You are able to target consumers who are in the immediate vicinity of your store location.

The How-to’s of Local SEO

Here are some ways you can do local SEO:

Optimize your website. Perform keyword research with local SEO in mind.  Use quality keywords. These are not necessarily the ones with the highest search volume, but the ones that are localized. These keywords should be used mainly in your web copy as well as the landing pages. The keywords should also be carefully incorporated into the meta-descriptions, headers, URLs and title tags. Also, check that the pages provide your address (especially that found on Google Maps) and your phone number.

Claim and optimize company profiles. Take control of online company profiles that are provided by search engines such as Google My Business. Other important profiles you can set up or claim are those in Bing Places for Business as well as Yahoo. These enable you to provide correct and regularly updated information regarding your services, contact numbers, operating hours and categories. You should also note your business location on the map that usually accompanies these profiles. Make sure that you have a complete (and interesting!) profile, complete with descriptions, quality pictures and videos.

Provide quality local content. Never mind keyword stuffing. That is already a thing of the past. Provide useful and relevant content that engages your target customers – the locals. You can blog about your products, any promotions customers are interested in or other features. Make sure that the content optimizes important keywords.

Aim for high visibility in third-party sites. Yelp, Trip Advisor, Bing, or the Yellow Pages are local listings that are targeted to local searches.  To improve your visibility, you can encourage customers to provide reviews on these sites. Make it easy for your customers (especially the happy, satisfied ones) to give feedback by prompting them to leave a review after every finished transaction and having a link in your website to these review sites. You can also start to build an e-mail list of your customer base, with online publications and newsletters that also provide them access to links of the review sites.

Leverage and maximize social media. Facebook. Twitter. Yelp. Pinterest. LinkedIn. These are just some of the social networking sites you can utilize to gain more local SEO mileage. Your customers’ activities on social media that link to you (your video or picture that they share, a profile or post that they like and so on) will also boost your page rank. Be active in your social media accounts and engage your readers by providing interesting content, posting localized contests or special offers or being active in sponsoring local events or sports teams.


About Adaptivity Pro

These are just some of the things you can do. The rest, you can leave to experts. Let Adaptivity Pro help you strengthen your Salt Lake City SEO efforts to get the results that you want and ensuring that you maximize all the opportunities that help you link to customers and increase not just web traffic but foot traffic as well.  Adaptivity Pro provides experienced and quality Utah web design, internet marketing and search engine optimization for all you company’s needs.


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