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Good Examples of E-commerce Usability

Notes from my day – Here are a few examples of sites that have best practices in
place for conversion improvement/persuasion architecture:

1. – they do a good job on the homepage mixing
promotions and products together well.  On the homepage some key
elements are the contest, why shop ice, search dropdowns on left,
newsletter subscription, ‘features’ categories on left, etc.  Their
product pages have good photos, some even have videos, customer
ratings, (small add-to-cart button is bad, it should be bigger),
product details, and live chat (price should be more noticeable too)

2. – on the homepage they do a good job of
categorizing shoes into every possible category but keeping it easy to
find what you are looking for at the same time.  Brand is important to
them so they list those well too.  The product pages have nice big add
to cart buttons, price is easy to see/view.  The ‘return history’ is
something that really helped them out, the product descriptions are
shorter than I would like but very descriptive and use bullet points.

3. – this one is a magento store.  They do an
excellent job on the product pages of keeping it simple yet giving the
information required in order to make a decision to purchase or not.

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