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Google Adwords Campaign Optimizer Review

I have used google campaign optimizer in adwords now for several different websites and have also spoke with many other marketers who have utilized the service as well.  So far the results have been much less than impressive and appears to be a system for Google to suck more money out of advertisers than before.  Here are the results of three campaigns and the statistics relating to them.  Each test only lasted about 2 weeks and in all cases the before and after time period of running ads was much more profitable for the website or business than during the 2 weeks that google optimizer ran. In all three cases the biggest noted change to the PPC campaigns was increased CPC for keyword phrases.

Campaign Optimizer Campaign 1:
* Conversion ratio went down by 126%
* Overall spend increased by 21%

Campaign Optimizer Campaign 2:
* Conversion ratio went down by 243%
* Overall spend increased by 19%

Campaign Optimizer Campaign 3:
* Conversion ratio went down by 64%
* Overall spend increased by 17%

To say the least I have not met anyone who has had positive things to say about the Google Adwords Campaign Optimizer tool. Although it could possibly be useful for those who know absolutely nothing about PPC campaigns, for those who have even a little experience will end up doing much better by setting up their ppc campaigns on their own. If you do plan on testing it out I would highly suggest making a backup of your Google Adwords account so you can restore it later if the results are not what you were looking for.

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