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Great Ways to Boost Your Summer Sales

During the dog days of the summer season, sales can actually slump for a lot of businesses. Schools are out, and people are going on vacation, needing fewer items like clothing or school supplies.

If you are a looking for great tips on how to boost your summer sales with specialized marketing, see below for ideas on how to make the most of your hot summer business days.

Get your social media is gear with a summer theme. Choosing a summer campaign to run throughout the hot months is a great way to build a following for the season. Have a specialty marketing company like a Utah SEO specialist do the work for you by creating several posts for the months that center around one theme such as a road trip, beach vacations or even the more popular “staycations.” Run promotions related to the theme, or relate your product to it like saying which state that’s being “visited” this week should use your product.

Take your show on the road. Participating in local events either with a booth or by sponsoring them is a great way to get the word out to new customers about your business. If you sell sports equipment, make appearances at the ballpark. If you have delicious food, consider a food truck that can take it around the town. Design your website to let your customers know when your next appearance will be and where. A Salt Lake City web design company can update your site to include new information.

Change your giveaways to reflect the season. If you are normally giving away baskets of product or discounts for your store, switch things up by promoting summer activities or vacation rentals instead. You may not be promoting your product exactly, but you will be encouraging your customers to stop by your social media, website or sign up for an email list in order to win some much needed relaxation on your dime.

Match your prices with the days of old. Nostalgia is huge in the summer, as family memories are usually made during those treasured warm months. Try using this strong sense to your advantage by promoting prices that were seen back in the day. Ten cent soda Tuesdays or free popcorn with a purchase of a hotdog are ways to remind customers that you haven’t lost your sense of value and appreciate your long-loyal consumers.

Partner Up. Try collaborating with another business to boost sales for you both. Offer buy one get one sales relating to both of your products, and trade off who gets the better end of the sale. Or hold sidewalk sales together will all of the local businesses on your block. You’ll get to know your neighbors better, and build a sense of charm for the retail community.


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