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Heart to Heart Adoptions

Heart to Heart Adoptions is about linking hearts that are open to give to hearts that are open to receive. It specializes in placing infants for adoption by linking birth parents to adoptive families who are willing to give a loving family environment.

Established in 1998, Heart to Heart Adoptions facilitates adoptions in Utah (where it has a license), as well as in Illinois, Florida, New York and other states that recognize the license. It also links with agencies and lawyers to help facilitate adoptions. This private adoption agency is staffed by licensed and non-licensed adoption professionals that are there to provide whatever support is needed.

Birthmothers and birthparents have the option

Heart to Heart Adoptions helps:
–  Birth Parents. Giving a baby up for adoption is a difficult decision and is an act of selflessness – doing what is best for the babies. This does not come easy to birth mothers who have unplanned pregnancies but want alternatives to abortion. The organization stands to help birthmothers not just through her pregnancy and delivery, but also after the child has been placed for adoption. Heart to Heart offers a wealth of support mechanisms – financial, emotional and legal. Birthmothers can avail of housing and funds for day-to-day living. They can also enjoy regular check-ups, medical assistance, training and counseling. Birthmothers can also select between a residential program (where they will be housed in the state of Utah) or a home state program (where they can choose to stay in their home state).

–  Adoptive Parents. Families looking to adopt can look towards Heart to Heart for full support throughout the adoption process. Heart to Heart aims to minimize the financial risk to prospective birth parents since any funds committed towards a particular birth mother can be transferred to another if the first birthmother eventually decides to keep the baby. Heart to Heart has also worked towards simplifying the adoption process so that adoptive parents can submit their profile, be evaluated and be put on the list of prospective parents in as quickly as 2 to 3 weeks. Once the baby is placed, parents can count on ongoing support with regards to an easy transition and adjustment for the family and the new member.

–  Babies. Heart to Heart Adoptions makes all the effort to ensure that babies are placed in a loving, safe and healthy environment where they can grow and thrive. That is why prospective adoptive parents are screened and evaluated thoroughly, with a home review included in the process.

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